OXO Good Grips 11" Balloon Whisk

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The whisk that can do it all.

A good all-purpose metal whisk is an essential kitchen tool. We use one to blend dry ingredients; emulsify vinaigrettes and sauces; whip cream; beat eggs; mix batters, custards, and other thick, hot sauces; and much more. There are two basic styles of all-purpose whisk: French whisks have narrower heads, while balloon whisks have more bulbous heads. Many whisks on the market are hybrids that fall somewhere between the two styles. Ultimately, the whisk’s style isn’t the most important factor in its success; all the whisks we tested can get all the aforementioned jobs done. Instead, a few other features made certain models more effective, versatile, and durable, as well as easier to use.

OXO Good Grips 11” Balloon Whisk


Our longtime favorite aced every task we gave it. Featuring a midsize head with plenty of sturdy yet flexible wire loops, it provided both coverage and agility, whipping cream and scraping up fond for pan sauce with equal aplomb. It was the perfect length for keeping our hands splash-free and away from the heat. Best of all, it remains the easiest whisk to use for long periods without fatiguing, thanks to its lightweight, long, grippy, well-cushioned handle.

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The OXO Good Grips 11” Balloon WhiskThe OXO Good Grips 11” Balloon Whisk

Length: 11"
Weight: 3.7 oz
Construction: 10 Wires, 1.43 mm thick
Item Number: ATKOXW

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How We Tested Whisks

Badly designed whisks can feel sluggish—the antithesis of an agile, whippy whisk. We tested ten models, priced from about $7.50 to about $28.00, to find one that blends efficiently; holds its shape; feels natural; and doesn’t cause fatigue, especially when we’re whisking for extended periods. We used each whisk to whip heavy cream and make vinaigrette and cheese sauce. While we didn’t want floppy whisks that couldn’t push food, we also didn’t want stiff whisks that struggled to get into pan corners and couldn’t flex and flatten as needed to optimize contact with the roux mixture; moderately flexible whisks performed best.

Winning Traits

  • Moderately flexible wires (not too stiff or floppy)
  • Skinny balloon for both coverage and maneuverability
  • Handle that is comfortable to grip in different ways
  • Lightweight and easy to use for long stints
  • Durable and easy to clean

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