Air Fryer Perfection

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Get the book and the gear together!

From Crispy Fries and Juicy Steaks to Perfect Vegetables, What to Cook and How to Get the Best Results.

Air fryers promise hands-off ease, but getting the best results involves slightly more than simply turning on your machine and walking away. In Air Fryer Perfection we show you the best food to cook in an air fryer and share test kitchen secrets that ensure even cooking; coax better browning; create the crispiest, crunchiest coatings; and guarantee juicy steaks. You’ll also learn how to make complete meals in an air fryer’s compact space, how to clean your air fryer, and which models impressed our tastings and testings team.

Air-Fry with Confidence

An overhead view of a plate of chicken nuggetsAn overhead view of a plate of chicken nuggets
Chicken Nuggets

Are you slogging through a 'my kids only want to eat chicken nuggets' phase? Ours are tender and juicy and can be made ahead and frozen.

An overhead view of Ginger-Soy Beef and Vegetable Kebabs on a plateAn overhead view of Ginger-Soy Beef and Vegetable Kebabs on a plate
Ginger-Soy Beef and Vegetable Kebabs

Thread the vegetables and meat onto separate skewers, stagger the cooking times, and 'Lincoln Log' the skewers in a crosshatch pattern to ensure optimal air circulation.

A couple fingerling potatoes in an air fryer next to Sun-Dried Tomato RelishA couple fingerling potatoes in an air fryer next to Sun-Dried Tomato Relish
Roasted Bone-In Chicken Breasts and Fingerling Potatoes with Sun-Dried Tomato Relish

Roasting chicken on top of potatoes is a favorite way to infuse the potatoes with savory drippings. Move the whole show to your air fryer for crispier, less greasy results.

A few Southwestern Hand Pies on parchment paperA few Southwestern Hand Pies on parchment paper
Southwestern Hand Pies

They’re like DIY Hot Pockets you can freeze and you’ll know everything that goes in (no more ingredients you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce).


Recipes: 75
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An overhead view of fries in an airfryerAn overhead view of fries in an airfryer

10 Reasons we like the air fryer

1. It produces real food. Since it’s essentially a small convection oven, the air fryer can cook many of the foods you might roast or bake with less fuss. The basket’s wire base helps food to cook evenly since air circulates on all sides.

2. Less-fat frying. Yes, the air fryer’s intended purpose holds true: Instead of quarts of oil, we can use just a small amount and achieve beautifully crisp results for French fries, chicken, fish, and more.

3. Set and (almost) forget. Unlike stovetop cooking, air frying requires virtually no monitoring, thanks to its well-regulated temperature and automatic shutoff. Other than the occasional flip or toss, it does all the work, allowing you to focus on the rest of the meal.

4. Minimal mess. The food basket is enclosed in the air fryer, and this translates to a clean kitchen—no splattering oil or multiple dirty pots and pans. Plus, the baskets are simple to clean—most are nonstick and dishwasher-safe.

5. No stove—or oven—needed. On busy nights when we must convince ourselves to cook (even test cooks feel this way at times), not having to turn on the stove can be a blessing. And on hot nights, the air fryer keeps our kitchen from becoming a steam room.

6. It’s fast. The air fryer lets us skip past the common first step in cooking—heating fat in a pan or heating the oven or grill. This not only was convenient but also shaved valuable time off of our recipes.

7. Easy meals for kids. The ability to crisp up a batch of chicken nuggets, bake a couple of hand pies, or roast carrots without embarking on a cooking project makes this a lifesaver for busy parents.

8. Ideal for two people. When it’s just the two of you eating (or you’re cooking solo) and you don’t want to make more than you need, the air fryer helps to prevent waste. Our recipes were made with standard air-fryer basket sizes in mind, and many yield two servings.

9. Your automated sous chef. Cooking multiple dishes in the oven can be a juggling act. Hand a side dish over to the air fryer and free up valuable space.

10. Even results. All of the previous benefits would amount to null if the air fryer’s cooking results were spotty, but we continued to be surprised at how good the food tasted. The most common remark we heard at recipe tastings was, “I can’t believe this came from an air fryer!”