Clever Coffee Dripper

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With the right model, even a novice can make café-quality coffee at home

Pour-over coffee makers come in a variety of styles that allow you to customize your coffee brewing experience. Flat-bottomed models are easy for novices to use and are especially good for dark-roast coffee because they highlight pleasant woodsy, cocoa-like flavors.

Clever Coffee Dripper


This unique model has a valve on its underside that stays closed until it’s placed on a mug or carafe, allowing the water to flow through. The manufacturer recommends steeping the grounds for 3 minutes—much longer than the 30-second bloom typical of the pour-over method, which makes it brew coffee more like a French press. However, this model is often included in reviews of pour-over coffee makers because of its shape and because the coffee tastes similar to pour-over coffee. In our tests, the coffee tasted rich and nutty and consistently registered a bit above recommended TDS range. Cleanup was a hassle. The valve is located under a dome-shaped base. Condensation collected there that was impossible to reach and dry off properly. You must activate the valve by hand when washing the model to clean it thoroughly.

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Style: Conical
Material: Plastic
Diameter: 5⅛ in
Drainage Design: 1 valve, ⅝ in wide
Dishwasher Safe: No
Total Dissolved Solids: 1.43 ppm
Proprietary Filter: Yes
Item Number: ATKCCD

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