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Is there anything better than the smell of cookies baking in the oven? Cooking for yourself, your family, and your friends can be so much fun and so rewarding. You get to eat something delicious, and you get to feel good about making something with your hands and sharing your work.

Kid-tested and kid-approved means there are hundreds (thousands!) of other kids out there right now cooking these recipes and loving the process and the results. When developing these recipes, we had 750 kids just like you test all of them to make sure you would love them, too. Most cooked our recipes at home, sending in feedback on what tasted good (or didn't), what worked well, and what was tricky or just too difficult. In this magazine, you will also see kids who worked at America's Test Kitchen, cooking alongside professional chefs.

We made this issue to share our expertise with a new generation of cooks. We hope it inspires you. Most of all, have fun and take pride in what you are about to accomplish.

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