Le Creuset Signature 10 1/4" Iron Handle Skillet

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Make Way For a New Kitchen Workhorse

Few pieces of kitchen gear improve after years of heavy use. In fact, we can think of only one: the cast-iron pan. Its only disadvantage? Plain cast iron takes a little routine maintenance to develop and retain that slick seasoned surface. 
But there’s an alternative type of cast-iron skillet to consider: the enameled cast-iron skillet, where the cast iron surface is cloaked with the same kind of porcelain coating found on Dutch ovens. Enameling promises a cast-iron pan with advantages: You still get the heat retention of traditional cast-iron pans, but the glossy enamel coating prevents the iron from rusting or reacting with acidic foods, both of which are concerns with traditional cast iron. It also lets you thoroughly scrub dirty pans with soap—generally taboo with traditional pans since soap may damage the patina of seasoning.

Le Creuset Signature 10 1/4" Iron Handle Skillet


With flaring sides, an oversize helper handle, wide pour spouts, a satiny interior, and balanced weight, this expensive but beautifully made pan is a pleasure to cook in. Our only quibbles: A small piece of cornbread crust stuck and tore when we flipped the pan, and scrambled eggs stuck a little (but scrubbed out easily). After abuse testing, the pan still looked nearly new.

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The Le Creuset Signature 10 1/4" Iron Handle Skillet in artichuatThe Le Creuset Signature 10 1/4" Iron Handle Skillet in artichuat

Depth: 1 3/4 in
Thickness: 4.4 mm
Ovensafe to: 500°F
Cooking Surface Diameter: 10 in
Item Number: ATKIHS
Item Weight: 6.3 pounds

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How We Tested Enameled Cast-Iron Skillets

We bought and tested several enameled cast-iron skillets. We set about scrambling eggs, searing steaks, making a tomato-caper pan sauce (to check if its acidity reacted with the pans’ surfaces), skillet-roasting thick fish fillets that went from stove to oven, baking cornbread, and shallow-frying breaded chicken cutlets. At the end of testing, we scrambled more eggs to see whether the pans’ surfaces had evolved. To simulate years of kitchen use, we plunged the hot pans into ice water, banged a metal spoon on their rims, cut in them with a chef’s knife, and scraped them with a metal spatula.

Winning Traits

  • Heat retention
  • Superior Browning
  • Cleans up easily
  • As durable as the traditional cast iron skillet
  • Comfortable, long handle
  • Broad cooking surface with taller sides


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