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The next best thing to an in-home chef. The third-generation June Smart Oven is here.

“Smart” countertop ovens use advanced technology to take over cooking for you—or guide you step by step—while promising to replace a half dozen other appliances. Sounds like a tall order, and each oven takes a different approach. We tested several, and while we liked features of each, one oven stood above the rest. It was easy to use and worked like highly enhanced countertop toaster ovens, with a variety of clever abilities that we found hard to give up when testing was done.

June Premium Smart Oven (3rd Generation)


We highly recommended the previous version of the June oven, and this newest model, the 3rd Generation, follows suit with hardware and software tweaks. We loved that we could either operate it entirely as a traditional countertop oven or let its food-recognition wizardry, attached probe thermometer, and preprogrammed settings take over and simplify cooking, all while keeping us informed of progress with its internal camera and notifications from its rock-solid, user-friendly app. We tested the Premium package, which includes the oven and the extra accessories noted below. Everything it produced, from juicy, crispy-skinned whole roast chicken and vegetables to air-fried cod and potatoes; gorgeous, crusty pizza; toasted bagels; crispy bacon; baked tofu; broiled asparagus; grilled chicken breast; and tender barbecued ribs—and even an egg simply placed on the oven rack to hard-cook in the shell—came out beautifully cooked. The functions weren’t all fancy: We threw in a slice of leftover pizza, and it recognized it and reheated it to perfection. Our favorite feature: All this happened with very little effort on our part. Cleanup was easy, too. We didn’t want to put this oven away when testing was done.

We maintain strict objectivity in all testing.*


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Functions and Features: Toast; Bake; Convection Bake; Roast; Broil; Air-Fry; Grill; Pizza; Proof; Keep Warm; Dehydrate; Reheat; Slow Cook; Food ID; cook programs for packaged foods; customizable heating elements; app that includes oven controls, notifications, recipes, and guided cooking; live video monitoring; data and temperature charts of current and recent cooking projects
Accessories: Includes food-temperature probe, wire rack, and baking sheet, 3 air-fry baskets, enameled cast-iron grill/griddle, baking peel, 1 extra baking sheet, 2 roasting racks, and "pro" metal food-temperature probe
Exterior: 19.75 x 18.5 x 12.75 in
Interior: 16 x 12 x 8 in
Item Number: ATKJUNE
Item Weight: 39 pounds

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How We Tested Smart Ovens

We tested five smart ovens ranging in price from $299 to $1,100. All smart ovens claim to produce expertly cooked food with hands-off convenience. During testing, not every oven lived up to its promises. Some of the programming didn’t quite work, we have the burned food to prove it. To earn its place in our kitchen (and in yours), we expected each smart oven to cook competently in every mode—and hopefully with less effort or time than conventional appliances.

Winning Traits

  • Performed nearly flawlessly
  • Simple, intuitive display and controls
  • App mirrors display for easy remote operation
  • Oven instantly recognizes foods and gets ready to cook them
  • Food temperature probe provides feedback to the oven, which adjusts cooking automatically
  • Simple to operate
  • Surprisingly generous capacity
  • Quick cleanup
  • Slow-cook, air-fry, and dehydrate functions offer additional versatility

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