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The Best Baby Food Maker

Baby food makers are hands-off machines designed to make purees; some models simply puree food, while others both cook and puree food. Our Tastings and Testings team rounded up six cook-and-puree models and used them to prepare three different purees from our Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook. Many of the machines had significant drawbacks: Most of them only make small quantities per batch, are a lot of work to use, and lack precision. Only one machine impressed our team with its functionality and design—the Babymoov Duo Meal Station: 6-in-1 Food Maker.

Babymoov Duo Meal Station: 6-in-1 Food Maker

Winner - Recommended
Reviewed in March 2019

The roomiest product of the bunch, this baby food maker consists of a two-tiered steamer basket and an attached blender. It easily accommodated entire recipes, and we loved the stackable baskets, which could be arranged to fit either a lot of one food or smaller amounts of multiple foods. The large steaming chamber and multiple functions also give this product more versatility: You can steam fish fillets for dinner while simultaneously cooking veggies for your baby. And it also functions as a bottle warmer, defroster, and “sterilizer.” (A bit of bad labeling: Our science editor pointed out that it sanitizes—reducing the number of microorganisms on the surfaces—rather than wholly sterilizing them. Our temperature tests found that it gets hot enough to sanitize, which is considered 200 degrees for 5 minutes for most commercial dishwashers.) Its blender was powerful and made silky-smooth purees with little fuss. While it takes up a fair amount of counter space when fully assembled, the blender section can be detached and stored when not in use, nearly halving the footprint.

POWER: 250 watts     WEIGHT: 12.2" x 8" x 11"    STEAMER CAPACITY: 42oz

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The Advantage: Walk-Away Cooking

Baby food makers do offer one big advantage over traditional cooking methods: You can walk away without fear of burning the food. The machines stop cooking either when the timer goes off or when they run out of water, which is great for busy parents with roaming toddlers to watch over.


・Steam and puree frozen peas

・Puree fresh mango

・Steam and puree sweet potato and apple

・Compare food to conventionally cooked recipes pureed in blender or food processor

・Wash all detachable parts in dishwasher 5 times

・Time and track temperature of sanitize function on winner


Check-mark Roomy steaming chamber that can accommodate 42 ounces of food

Check-mark Stackable steamer baskets for cooking multiple foods at a time

Check-mark Timer function for better precision and control when steaming

Check-mark At least 250 watts of blending power that makes silky-smooth purees in under a minute

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