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In 2007, Cook's Country magazine finally solved cooking problems that have plagued our favorite everyday foods - from a foolproof way for avoiding waterlogged blueberries and lumpy dough in our Blueberry Muffins (place the frozen berries in the batter just before cooking to avoid defrosting) to an ingenious way to serve mess-free tacos (serve the ground beef in thin patties- no loose, crumbled meat!)

We performance-tested a huge range of kitchen equipment without any preconceived notions equating price to quality - and got eye-opening results that can save you substantial amounts of money. We tested a $20 saucepan that performed great, and was a "Best Buy" compared to our $200 test winner! And we'll tell you if you should spend $250 on a feature-laden slow cooker, or can get by just fine with a $40 model (you can).

The Cook's Country 2007 Annual is loaded with more than 250 easy, foolproof home-style recipes- including Grilled Butterflied Lemon Chicken, Freezer Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Enchiladas, Icebox Key Lime Pie, and Black-Bottom Cupcakes - all obsessively tested and retested by our test cooks (more than 30!) until each recipe is guaranteed perfect.

The Cook's Country 2007 Annual contains all six issues published in 2007. This durable hardcover reference edition ensures that every recipe, article, recipe contest, equipment and ingredient rating, kitchen shortcut, and recipe card from 2007 is close at hand.

With its homey plaid cover and deep red spine, this handsome volume also includes a detailed master index for the year that lets you zero in on what you need in seconds.

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