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Kid-approved recipes and make-it-your-way challenge put the fun in cooking for kids 6+!  

Get our Cake Decorating box and you’ll get 3 delicious ATK kid-tested, kid-approved recipes, a Make It Your Way recipe challenge, 2 kitchen technique how-tos, kitchen tools (piping practice sheets, and pastry bag & tips set), plus an achievement button!

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Learn how to bake and build a layer cake with our Cake Decorating recipe box!


In this box, kids will learn how to make a Chocolate Layer Cake and coat it simply with our Vanilla Frosting recipe. The technique cards in this box teach kids how to frost a layer cake and how to fill a pastry bag with frosting. (Pastry bags and piping tips are included in the box!) Kids can use the Piping Practice sheets to learn how to pipe beautiful frosting shapes and designs. Then, kids will learn how to make a Mirror Cake and transform an ordinary cake into one coated in a bright, shiny, mirror-reflective glaze, making it look like a galaxy.

  • 3 ATK Kids recipes: Chocolate Layer Cake, Vanilla Frosting, Mirror Cake
  • How to Frost a Layer Cake technique card
  • How to Fill a Pastry Bag technique card
  • Make It Your Way Challenge: Cake Decorating
  • Piping Practice Sheets, Pastry Bag & Tips set, Gel Food Coloring, and Achievement Button


“Your little one is already a brilliant cook in the making; the Young Chefs’ Club just gives them the tools they need to master their craft.” –ROMPER

“This is the perfect subscription for the kid who loves food, picky eaters who you want to get into more adventurous foods, parents who want to share cooking fun with their kids, and generally, any kid who is up for a fun activity.” –POPSUGAR

"For kids who want to be hands-on in the kitchen, America's Test Kitchen's box comes loaded with easy-to-follow, kid-tested recipes, along with related projects and activities." - Good Housekeeping

Testimonials from Grown-ups

It is the best subscription we have received. The recipes are always well written and delicious. We go back and remake almost all of them several times. The tools are excellent quality and overall it offers new kitchen skills for my 12 year old that has been in the kitchen with me her whole life. She often makes the entire box without my help!

I've been impressed with how many of the recipes and skills taught through the box make it into the regular family rotation....corn tortillas and flat bread to name a few. I like that the science of cooking is a major part of most boxes.

Very impressed! I love all the different activities that are included in the box. My 5 year old Grandson and I would have never made homemade cheddar fish crackers or fruit snacks and they are amazing. The recipes have been tested and turn out amazing. Look forward over the next few years to go back and visit each box again and again!

Extremely impressed with the whole club. My son loves opening each box, exploring it and then taking charge of the meal planning for dinner. In fact he wants to make dinner every weekend and help me when I'm cooking!

What's in the box?
All of our content is kid-tested and kid-approved. Each box contains the following:

  • Recipe cards
  • Hands-on experiment cards
  • Kitchen technique cards
  • “Make It Your Way” recipe challenge
  • Achievement button
  • Cooking tool or recipe ingredient(s)—don’t worry, we won’t send you duplicates of common kitchen items!
  • Plus games, puzzles, taste tests, art projects, occasional special offers and coupons, and more.

What ages is it for?
The America’s Test Kitchen Kids Young Chefs' Club is for kids ages 6 and up. Depending on your child’s age and ability, they might need more (or less) help from you in the kitchen.


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