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Perfect for long-term reference, the Cook's Country 2008 Annual contains all six of the 2008 issues bound in one sturdy plaid-covered edition. Bound inside you'll also find an invaluable 2008 Recipe and Article Index to help search a year's worth of test kitchen recipes and cooking information- fast!

TheCook's Country 2008 Annual is loaded with more than 250 easy, weeknight, home-style recipes - including Easy Skillet Pizza, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, the Best-Ever Pork Cutlets, Icebox Oreo Cake, and Berry Streusel Pie - all obsessively tested and retested by our test cooks (as many as 50 times!) until each recipe is foolproof and perfect.

In 2008, Cook's Country tackled and solved cooking problems that have plagued some of our favorite everyday foods. For the Ultimate Garlic Roast Chicken, we developed a quick and easy technique that penetrates the chicken with a triple dose of roasted garlic. To keep Crispy Sweet Potato Fries crisp not soggy, we coated them with two surprising ingredients before frying (plus adding club soda to the cornstarch coating prevents it from clumping up in the fryer). For bright clean lemon flavor, our Lemon Sheet Cake swaps out some of the milk in the cake batter with freshly squeezed lemon juice, grated lemon zest, and buttermilk for extra tang. You'll get no sourpusses with this cake!

We performance-tested a wide range of kitchen equipment, without any preconceived notions equating price to quality - and got eye-opening results that can save you substantial amounts of money. We tested a $50 stovetop griddle that outperformed models costing twice as much, and our winning nonstick skillet costs $28, defeating all others, including a $60 model. You'll also find a year's-worth of results from our blind taste tests of supermarket ingredients, including elbow macaroni, jarred hot salsa, and Dijon mustard.

Featured Discoveries from 2008 include:

We boosted the deep apple flavor in our Cider-Braised Pork Chops by foregoing apples and using this secret ingredient.
Pork and apples are a culinary combination that many people crave; but successfully pairing them in a recipe is not so easy. We wanted tender, meaty pork chops that were infused with the sweet richness of apples and cider. Yet many of the recipes we researched simply called for braising a chop in apple cider, which just led to watery sauces with washed-out apple flavor. The solution was apple butter, a highly concentrated form of apples and cider. As hoped, it added a bushel's-worth of apple flavor, and its natural pectin also helped thicken the sauce. With a finishing splash of apple cider vinegar, we finally had a chop with rich apple flavor.

Does the best microwave popcorn come from a bag or a bowl?
We taste tested seven nationally available brands, all in their basic butter flavor. But what we didn't tell our testers was that we also included a ringer; one of the samples was simply a bowl of plain popcorn kernels popped in a microwave popper, and modestly dressed with salt and butter. The homemade popcorn won by a landslide, and of the seven brands tested, only two received acceptable; most were knocked for being "chewy," "fake," and "boring.

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