Philips Premium Airfryer

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What can you make in an air fryer? Plenty.

An air fryer is a tiny convection oven that cooks food by circulating hot air around it with a fan. The genius of the method is that food cooked by convection can approach the crispiness of fried food while using far less oil. The intense hot air is also ideal for roasting and even allows you to prepare food you’d otherwise cook on a grill. There’s almost no limit to the way a well-made air fryer can make your cooking life easier. Fried food with less fuss and mess? Yes. Small batch cooking? Check. A countertop appliance that does it all while keeping your kitchen cool and that turns off automatically when the timer ends? Indeed.

Philips Premium Airfryer with Fat Removal Technology


We love this machine’s slim, compact footprint, and we liked that its nonstick cooking basket was simple to clean and had a removable bottom for deeper cleaning. Its digital controls and dial-operated menu made setting the time and temperature easy and intuitive. It automatically stopped cooking as soon as the set time was up, and its drawer allowed us to remove its cooking basket without exposing our hands to the heating element. While it can’t hold as much food as our winner can, it can handle small batches of frozen foods or air-fryer recipes intended to serve two people.

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Style: Drawer
Controls: Digital
Maximum Width: 9.3"
Maximum Temperature: 400°
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Item Number: ATKPPF
Item Weight: 15.08 pounds

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How We Tested Air Fryers

We tested eight air fryers, priced from about $60 to about $230, using each to cook a variety of foods including packaged frozen and fresh-cut french fries and thick-cut oven fries, chicken wings, and chicken Parmesan. For the packaged frozen food, we prepared each according to package instructions and using the instructions in the manuals for each air fryer. French fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside; potato wedges were shatteringly crispy; chicken wings were juicy; and chicken Parmesan had a crunchy crust and bubbly, browned cheese. We also made sure to test the attachments where applicable and clean the fryers after each test.

Winning Traits

  • Cooks the most commonly fried food quickly and evenly
  • Safety features, including concealed heating elements and a body that stayed cool enough to touch during cooking
  • Flat digital display with intuitive programming ensures greater temperature and timing control
  • Large drawer-style basket holds up to 1 pound of food
  • Removable nonstick basket for easy cleaning

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