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Vibrant Recipes with Endless Possibilities.

Want to cook healthier, low-stress dinners, improve your lunch game, and find meals that can be prepped mostly in advance? Bowls are for you! You can create satisfying, nourishing, bowls built around grains, noodles, greens, and broths and find inspiration to customize your own creations.

Tap Into the healthy bowls trend without eating-out expense

The popularity of chains such as Sweetgreen and Dig Inn continue to grow, and bowls have started to appear in supermarket produce aisles (and even in the freezer section). Our recipes translate bowl culture to the home kitchen with a mix of inspiring ideas and recipes that are easy to make and scaled down to 2 to 4 people.

Make-ahead options, easy dinners, “pack and go” lunches

A bowl should be quick, even spontaneous, yet what makes bowls appealing (their mix of elements) can lead to hours of prep work. We avoid that by streamlining every bowl recipe to 1 hour or less, and ensure that most complete bowls (and all bowl components) can be made in advance.

A world of variety and flavor

Our recipes offer flavors drawn from around the world, and simple extras like Quick-Pickled Red Onions that add interest without much work.

Some of the recipes you’ll find inside:

Noodle Bowls

  • • Toasted Cauliflower and Brown Butter Noodle Bowl
  • • Spicy Basil Noodle Bowl
  • • Mediterranean Carrot Noodle Bowl
  • • Indian-Spiced Chicken Zoodle Bowl

Soup Bowls

  • • Thai-Style Hot and Sour Soup
  • • Curried Coconut Shrimp Soup
  • • Acquacotta Bowl
  • • Mexican Street-Corn Chowder

Grain and Bean Bowls

  • • Skillet Burrito Bowl
  • • Chimichurri Couscous Bowl
  • • Weeknight Bibimbap
  • • Italian Harvest Bowl

Bonus Content:

How-tos help you take your bowl to the next level (pickled fruits and vegetables, homemade sauces, toppings that stay crunchy, and more).

A Pantry Staple Shopping Guide to stock up on the best-tasting ingredients so you can improvise bowls to fit your mood.

Storing and Serving Tips empower you to keep your repertoire fresh; learn how long different components such as grains, noodles, and sauces keep; and how to pack bowl components to preserve flavor and texture in transit.


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