Lodge Chef Collection Cast Iron Grill Pan

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Year-round grilling on your stovetop.

These ridged pans bring the sizzle and flavor of the grill inside. But some sear—and clean up—better than others.

Lodge Chef Collection Cast Iron Grill Pan


This tray-shaped pan was handsome and easy to use. It arrived with a well-seasoned surface that released food and cleaned up easily and tall, well-defined ridges that produced excellent grill marks. At the end of extensive testing, it still looked new

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Material: Seasoned cast iron
Weight: 7 lb, 3 oz
Cooking Surface: 9 x 9 x 0.75 in
Ridge Height: 7.1 mm
Induction Compatible: Yes
Item Number: ATKCGP

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How We Tested Grill Pans

We tested 11 different enameled or plain cast-iron grill pans in a range of sizes and shapes with prices ranging from $19 to $245. We put these grill pans through their paces by grilling everything from burgers to salmon, evaluating the grill marks closely. The best grill pans were roomy, had low sides that made it easy to maneuver a spatula under food, and featured tall ridges that made distinct grill marks. They were made from traditional cast iron that arrived preseasoned, so they released food easily from the beginning and got even better over time.

Winning Traits

  • Short walls
  • Uncoated cast iron
  • Tall, substantial ridges
  • Roomy surface
  • Moderate weight
  • Two looped handles

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