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Put your equipment to work to make your cooking life easier.

When you invest in quality cookware and kitchen appliances, you lay the foundation for better, easier cooking. The test kitchen knows a thing or two about getting the most out of equipment, from do-it-all pots and pans (like Dutch ovens and cast-iron pans) to plug and play wonders like food processors. We’ve got so much to share about these particular tools that we wrote a book about each, full of tips and recipes that will help you take full advantage of your gear.

Cook It in Your Dutch Oven

This cookbook fills you in on everything this wonder pot can do. Make impressive roasts and braises that go seamlessly from stovetop to oven to the table. We’ll also walk you through deep frying and artisanal bread baking. If you’re in the market for a new Dutch oven, we offer up our picks based on extensive testing (and daily use in our kitchen).

Food Processor Perfection

Your food processor can do the work of a whole set of knives, a meat grinder, a food mill, a box grater, a mandolin, a stand mixer, a blender—and do it all faster—with just the touch of a button. We’ll teach you all-new test kitchen techniques and show you how to use your food processor and its attachments to simplify tasks large and small.

Cook It In Cast Iron

A cast-iron skillet is an incredibly versatile, durable, and completely chemical-free way to cook; it produces an enviable crust on steaks, chops, chicken, fish, bread, and more. And the more you know about it—how to choose the best one, how to clean and season it (it’s easy!), and the surprising number of recipes that lend themselves to being cooked in it—the more you’ll rely on this essential multitasking powerhouse. 


3 Book Set
Format: Hardcover
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