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A unique gift for their new beginning. A modern take on a traditional gift.

When friends or family move into a new home, you want to find a gift that offers them something they can use and that also carries meaning to mark the important milestone in their lives. That’s what was on our minds as we assembled our Housewarming Kit. Made up of unusual salts, our favorite saltbox, and a cultural history of salt as a housewarming gift, this kit will help them season their food with flavor and friendship in the years to come.

Bee House Salt Box- White


This sturdy flip-top salt box held plenty of salt and provided easy access to it, accommodating most testers’ hands. While somewhat vulnerable to humidity, this box was great at shielding salt from messes. It was a breeze to fill and clean and could be opened with one hand; a small handle made it convenient to lift for on-the-fly seasoning.

Cover: Yes
Weight: 16.4 oz 
Capacity: 2 cups
Materials: Stoneware, hinoki (Japanese cypress), stainless steel
Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.375 x 3.5 in

We maintain strict objectivity in all testing.*
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The Bee House Salt Box in whiteThe Bee House Salt Box in white

Portuguese Saltcream Sea Salt

Portuguese fisherman chased the prized codfish across the North Atlantic. In the days before refrigeration, salt preserved the fish on the long voyage home. Thus bacalhau, the backbone of Portuguese cuisine, was born. This pristinely white sea salt is hand-harvested. Saltcream is a saltpan's delicate top-most layer perfect for any occasion that calls for fleur de sel.

AMT½ Cup

Two bags of Portuguese Saltcream Sea SaltTwo bags of Portuguese Saltcream Sea Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Harvested on the remote and pristine island of Molokai, this Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt is blended with activated charcoal before it is dried to form large crystals. Use it to finish eggs, salads, or desserts. Enjoy a dramatic look when you pair it with our white pepper.

The Hawaiian Island archipelago is extremely isolated from other landmasses. Within the Hawaiian Islands, the island of Molokai's waters remains virtually untouched from pollution leading it to have some of the purest seawater. This seawater is mixed with quality activated charcoal and dried specifically to ensure all the nutrients and minerals in the seawater are retained. The black Hawaiian sea salt is then bottled and labeled under the supervision of the Salt Masters Guild of Hawaii. This guild was founded in order to maintain the ancient tradition of salt crafting that has been part of the island's culture for centuries. Although the dominant flavor of these crystals is pure salt, the flavor is very bright and strong, due to the presence of the trace minerals. Ingredients: Sea salt, activated charcoal from coconut shell.

AMT½ Cup

Meaning of Salt Note

Salt symbolizes a blessing: “May there always be flavor and spice in your life.” This modern take on a traditional gift may leave some recipients wondering why they are receiving salt. This note provides a background on the history and meaning of salt as a traditional housewarming gift in many cultures.

A note on the meaning of SaltA note on the meaning of Salt

America's Test Kitchen Red Apron

Large patch pockets, extra-long 40” ties, and an adjustable neck make this simple, yet functional apron perfect for any home chef. 

Fabrication: Easy-care 65/35 poly cotton twill
Weight: 0.44 lbs 
Capacity: 2 cups
Dimensions: 23" W x 30" L

The America's Test Kitchen Red ApronThe America's Test Kitchen Red Apron

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