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170+ Good-for-your-gut recipes

Whether you struggle with a gut disorder, occasional digestive discomfort, or are simply looking to eat a more healthful diet, Cook for Your Gut Health provides the recipes and resources you need to eat well and maintain a healthy digestive tract. We developed the recipes with the assistance of dietician Alicia A. Romano to help us understand the science behind gut-healthy ingredients and their impact on the body. The result: carefully crafted recipes that are good for your gut and that can be customized to your needs. Recipes feature high-fiber, low-wheat, and low-lactose ingredients, but the recipes can be tailored further if you eat gluten-free, dairy-free, and allium-free, or if you’re following a low FODMAP diet. (Recipe pages also include nutritional information for easy reference.) You’ll get in-depth information on the digestive process and plenty of resources that cover how to eat a varied diet despite eliminating or decreasing the amount of certain ingredients from your meals. Transform your gut health today and kick digestive issues to the curb with our gut-friendly recipes guaranteed to please.

"Worth its weight in gold for the practical cook who wants to feel confident about putting good food on the table."

— Detroit News

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175 Recipes


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