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Attack weeknight meal prep like a pro!

Preparing a satisfying dinner during the week can be a challenge. Don’t sacrifice taste for time—use this exclusive cookbook bundle to easily add complex flavors to elevate weeknight meals.

Just Add Sauce

Just Add Sauce is structured to help you find and make exactly what you’re in the mood for. Start with sauce and then plan your meal, or start with your protein and find the perfect sauce with our pairing suggestions. From dolloping on vegetables to drizzling on steak to stir-frying noodles and simmering curries, instantly make everything you cook taste better with hundreds of flavorful, modern sauces paired with easy recipes that use them in creative, inspired ways.


Spiced opens up a world of possibility hidden in your pantry. Each chapter offers a few key blends or other homemade ingredients that will instantly improve your cooking, whether you use them in the recipes that follow or branch off on your own. Mix up a superfragrant curry powder or infuse a chili-spiced oil for drizzling on just about anything. To show just how easy it is to take a dish in a completely new flavor direction by using a spice blend, we've created a set of master recipes and offered three flavor directions for each.


Hardcover and Softcover
2 Book Set
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