The Perfect Cookie Kit

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Life is short. Bake more cookies.

Portable, fun to make, easy to gift, and open to countless flavor variations, cookies are everyone’s favorite sweet treat. Our foremost mission is to provide you with foolproof results, so every kitchen-tested recipe - all 250 of them - will work every time. Our exclusive perfect cookie kit includes the test kitchen’s best cookie recipes and the actual equipment they use to create those recipes. You’ll be baking the perfect cookie in no time!

Nordic Ware Baker's Sheets, Set of 2


Reviewed January 2019

Everything prepared in this sturdy, warp-resistant sheet cooked appropriately and evenly. Best of all, our new favorite is a few bucks cheaper than our old winner.

Material: Aluminum
Cooking Surface: 16 ½ x 11 ½
Weight: 1.97 lbs
Clean: Hand wash only
Made in the USA

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Cups


Reviewed August 2016

Accurate and extremely durable, this set snaps together for compact storage. The handles are seamless with the cups themselves, making them easy to level off.

Material: Stainless Steel
Number of Cups: 4
Set Includes: ¼ Cup, ⅓ Cup, ½ Cup and 1 Cup
Clean: Dishwasher Safe

OXO Good Grips Large Cookie Scoop


Reviewed January 2017

Featuring grippy rubberized handles and an inner spring with just the right amount of resistance, this portion scoop was very comfortable to hold and squeeze. It also dispensed dough with the neatest and most controlled motion.

Material: Stainless Steel, thermoplastic elastomer
Capacity: 3 tbs
Clean: Dishwasher Safe

The Perfect Cookie Cookbook

Bake better cookies. America’s Test Kitchen has almost 25 years of experience in the art and science of cookie baking, and now you can find all of that wisdom in one beautiful hardcover book.

Recipes: 256
Pages: 448
Format: Hardcover, full-color photos

Nordic Ware Baker's Sheets, Set of 2

OXO Measuring Cups
OXO Cookie Scoop
The Perfect Cookie Cookbook
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How to Fix 10 Common Cookie Problems

Problem #1

The last cookies always seem short on chips


Reserve some morsels to add later.

When chocolate chips, nuts, or raisins are in the mix, the last few cookies from a batch never seem to have as many of these goodies as the first few. To get around this, reserve some of the mix-ins and stir them into the dough after about half of it has been scooped out.

Problem #2

Cookies don’t add up to the correct yield


Use a portion scoop.

When cookies are portioned out larger or smaller than the recipe directs, they may not produce the intended texture. To ensure consistent size and the proper yield, we use a portion scoop. (We keep many different sizes on hand for just this purpose. A typical cookie requires a #30 scoop.)

Problem #3

Cookies keep burning on bottom


Use a light-colored baking sheet and line with parchment paper.

We typically don’t like light-colored bakeware since it doesn’t absorb heat as well as darker finishes, leading to spotty browning. But the cookie sheet is the exception. All of the dark nonstick cookie sheets we’ve tested consistently overbrown the bottoms of cookies. Light-colored sheets, on the other hand, prevent overbrowning but are prone to sticking. We get around this by baking cookies on parchment paper.

Problem #4

Chewy cookies that aren’t chewy



To ensure a chewy texture, take cookies out of the oven when they are still slightly underdone, which often means they will droop over the end of a spatula. Crevices should appear moist and edges on smooth cookies should be lightly browned.

Problem #5

Cookies run together


Bake in staggered rows.

When scoops of dough are placed too close together on the sheet, the cookies can fuse together. To ensure enough space between cookies, alternate the rows. For example, place three cookies in the first row, two in the second, three in the third, and so on.

Problem #6

Unevenly baked batches


Rotate during baking.

The temperature in most ovens varies from front to back, top to bottom—even side to side. To prevent uneven baking, rotate the cookie sheet partway through baking so that the back side faces front.

Problem #7

It’s hard to tell when dark chocolate cookies are done


Press the middle.

Most cookies, irrespective of texture, are done when pressing them lightly with your finger leaves just a slight indentation.

Problem #8

Cookies left in oven too long


Cool immediately on rack.

If you become distracted and leave your cookies in the oven a minute or two too long, all is not lost. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and, instead of allowing the cookies to set on the sheet, immediately transfer them to a wire rack, where they will cool more quickly.

Problem #9

Overly crisp edges


Briefly chill dough and don’t use a hot sheet.

If your kitchen is particularly hot, the butter in the dough can start to melt, softening the dough and leading to overcooked edges. If the dough seems too soft, chill it for 10 to 15 minutes before portioning. Putting raw dough on cookie sheets still warm from the oven can cause them to begin spreading, leading to burnt edges. Always allow baking sheets to cool completely before adding more batches. To expedite cooling, rinse warm—but not hot—sheet under cold tap water.

Problem #10

Chewy cookies dry out too quickly


Store with bread.

To keep chewy cookies from turning dry and brittle, store them in a zipper-lock bag at room temperature with a small piece of bread (no more than half of a slice) placed inside.