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From Simple to Showstopper, 240+ Approachable Recipes.

Cakes are the all-occasion dessert—the center of attention at birthdays, holiday celebrations, and dinner parties and the most welcome brunch, after-school, or teatime snack. America’s Test Kitchen’s first all-cake cookbook, The Perfect Cake, is the definitive guide to any cake you crave, from classic anytime Pound Cake (“The recipe is genius and worth the price of the book.” —The Wall Street Journal) to a stunning and impressive Blueberry Jam Cake with brilliant ombré frosting.

In addition to foolproof recipes are features that make towering 24-layer Hazelnut- Chocolate Crêpe Cake as approachable as Applesauce Snack Cake. Sidebars include step-by-step photography for cakes with more advanced techniques like piping the ribbons of frosting that help give beautiful Rhubarb Ribbon Cake its name. Our years of test kitchen knowledge on the art and science of baking cakes provide all the tips and tricks you need for executing perfect cakes every time.


  • • S’mores Molten Microwave Mug Cake
  • • French Apple Cake
  • • New York-Style Crumb Cake
  • • Simple Carrot Sheet Cake


  • • Strawberry Cream Cake
  • • Devil’s Food Layer Cake
  • • Lemon Layer Cake
  • • Rainbow Cake


  • • Chocolate-Raspberry Heart Cake
  • • Hazelnut-Chocolate Crepe Cake
  • • Blum’s Coffee Crunch
  • • Red Velvet Cheesecake


  • • Party Cake Pops
  • • Lavender Tea Cakes with Vanilla Bean Glaze
  • • 60-Minute Birthday Cake
  • • Basic Ice Cream Cake

Test Kitchen Cake Tips:

Determining Cake Doneness

Determining Doneness

The toothpick test is the gold standard for determining doneness of cakes, but with sheet cakes it’s important to also use other cues given in the recipe; because of the cake’s large surface area, it may take a few tests to determine doneness. Use the baking times as a guide and refer to visual cues.

Piping Rosettes

Professional Piping: Rosettes

Use a closed star tip and hold the bag perpendicular to the surface of the cake. Slowly pipe out the frosting while directing the tip in a tight, circular motion, then top piping and pull bag straight away from the cake. You can top rosettes with a garnish if desired.


240+ Recipes
432 Pages
Color photos throughout
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