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Raise Your Glass

America’s Test Kitchen and cocktails? You bet. This handsome set features everything you need to serve up the best-ever cocktails, from essential classics to brand-new test kitchen creations. All items come perfectly snug in a beautiful and sturdy America’s Test Kitchen box for easy storage or display (it also makes a great gift!).

Included in your kit

Etched Rocks Glass

America’s Test Kitchen Etched Rocks Glasses, Set of Two

Also called old-fashioned glasses, these rocks glasses are essential for countless stirred or shaken cocktails usually served over ice. These short, thick-walled glasses allow room for chunky ice cubes and help insulate your cocktails served on the rocks.

DIMENSIONS 11 oz capacity, 3 in diameter, 3½ in height
MATERIAL Etched Glass

Bar Spoon

America’s Test Kitchen Engraved Bar Spoon

A long twizzle-handled stainless-steel bar spoon is essential to achieve maximum chilling with minimal dilution when stirring drinks with ice. Unlike, say, stirring a cup of coffee, applying some technique when stirring cocktails leads to better-tasting drinks. The elegantly twizzled long-handled bar spoon looks dramatic, but it allows you to stir cocktails efficiently with a few flicks of your wrist.

DIMENSIONS 7¾ in length, 1 in width
MATERIAL Stainless steel

Cocktail Picks

America’s Test Kitchen Cocktail Picks, Set of Four

When it comes to making cocktails at home, garnishes are often overlooked, skimped on, or simply skipped altogether. But cocktail garnishes should never be an afterthought, because they contribute far more than just decoration to a drink. Cocktail picks allow you to enjoy your garnishes without having to fish them out with your fingers. This set of four cocktail picks featuring a different engraved glassware choice on each pick does double duty, as a stylish garnish spear and “this cute design is mine” drink identifier.

DIMENSIONS 4 in length, ¾ in width
MATERIAL Stainless steel

Tiny Santoku Knife

How to Cocktail Book

The first-ever cocktail book from America’s most-trusted test kitchen includes essential, canonical classics; twists on old favorites; and brand-new test kitchen creations. The recipes are organized by technique (stirring, shaking, muddling, blending, and more), with plenty of recipe step photos to light your way. For those who love a great DIY project, we offer up superior versions of vermouths, liqueurs, bitters, flavored syrups, and garnishes. Best of all, we’ve solved practical challenges such as how to make a wide array of cocktails without buying lots of hard-to-find bottles or specialty equipment. Also packed inside: recipes for heavenly snacks to serve alongside cocktails. Perfect for beginners and more experienced cocktail builders alike, this handsome hardcover book with beautiful photography makes a great gift (for yourself and your cocktail-loving friends).

272 Pages
150 Recipes
Full-Color Photos Throughout
Item Number CQ26


Chill Your Glassware
Chilling your serving glasses, which takes only a few minutes, ensures that all that frosty goodness you’ve carefully created in the cocktail shaker or mixing glass won’t be lost by pouring your cocktail into a room-temperature glass.

It's All About the Technique
With a little practice, you can learn to keep the outer curved side of the spoon against the wall of the glass so the spoon glides around magically, almost of its own accord.

The Garnish Is Not an Afterthought
The next time you want to add a citrus twist, olive, cherry, onion, or other garnish to a drink, use a pick and get a little creative. We made accordion folds with lemon twists and even tied them in a little knot before spearing them. Think of the pick and garnish as signature bling for your cocktail.


There are many reasons to shake a cocktail: to chill, to dilute, to mix all the ingredients properly, or to add texture. If you are new to the world of cocktail shakers, the Boston shaker can seem a little intimidating. You’ve likely seen professional bartenders using one. How do you get it to form a tight seal between the metal cup and glass cup so that you don’t end up with cocktails covering your walls or your guests? Like this:

Shaking 1&2
Shaking 3&4

1. Assemble ingredients in mixing glass, then fill with ice. Invert mixing glass and its contents into shaker tin and angle glass so that one side is flush with tin. Firmly tap base of glass with heel of hand to form tight seal.

2. Hold base of shaker tin firmly with one hand and base of mixing glass firmly with other hand. Using vigorous back-and-forth motion (ice should hit both ends of shaker), shake cocktail as specified in recipe.

3. To break seal, position shaker on counter with mixing glass on top and angled toward you. Grip side of shaker tin with one hand and, using heel of other hand, firmly tap rim of tin on opposite side. (You may have to do this more than once.) Remove mixing glass.

4. Fit Hawthorne strainer onto shaker tin and decant cocktail into chilled serving glass, using conical strainer if directed.


America’s Test Kitchen Rocks Glasses, Set of Two
America’s Test Kitchen Engraved Bar Spoon
America’s Test Kitchen Cocktail Picks, Set of Four
How to Cocktail Book


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