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WHETHER A SOUL-WARMING meal that your grandmother made just for you or an old-world dish that your great-grandparents brought through Ellis Island, our favorite family recipes are about more than food: They tell a story of who we are and where we come from. This issue features a variety of recipes from our readers—recipes that traveled to America with earlier generations, such as Nonna’s Breakfast and Dessert Farina Cake, as well as those born here in the United States, like New Orleans Shrimp. This collection is sure to bring folks into the kitchen, where they’ll start traditions of their own.

Featured Recipes Include:

BUBBE’S PASSOVER BRISKET - This reader’s grandmother—or “Bubbe,” as she was known to her grandchildren—passed down a brisket recipe that is well worth the time it takes for the meat to rest.

GALVESTON SHRIMP CREOLE - This recipe comes to us from a reader in Galveston Bay, Texas, where there is an abundance of fresh shrimp.

UPSIDE-DOWN TOMATO PAN BREAD - This innovative recipe takes its inspiration from pineapple upside-down cake, in which pineapple slices become beautifully browned as they cook against the bottom of a cake pan.

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