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A little bit of planning makes cooking enormously easier and more enjoyable. The editors of Cook’s Illustrated have selected their all-time favorite make-ahead recipes that will enable you to cook and eat well, on your own schedule. These are smart recipes for great home cooking that make use of pauses in recipe steps to build flavor—while you’re taking care of the rest of your to-do list.

Clever recipes include:

Freezer Chicken Pot Pies – A saucy filling and a double-thick crust are the secrets to pot pies than can be successfully backed from frozen.

Classic Pot Roast - A simple 19th century recipe and well-marbled chuck-eye roast offer truly beefy taste.

Herb-Crust Pork Roast – For flavor in every bite, we spread an herb paste in the middle and on top of the roast. A cheesy crumb crust is the crowning touch. Make one day, roast the next.

Make-Ahead Green Bean Casserole – Making this freezer-to-oven casserole with raw green beans is the key to fresh flavor and texture.

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese – Convenience, indulgence, and comfort in a straight-from-the-freezer casserole. The frozen bread-crumb mixture is sprinkled over the top just before baking.

Pizza from the Freezer – For a crisp, tender crust straight from the freezer, we combine some unlikely ingredients, like half-and-half and baking powder.

Blueberry Pie from the Freezer – Graham cracker crumbs and dried cranberries help make a blueberry pie that can go straight from the freezer to a hot oven.

Additional recipes featured: Overnight Broiled Beef Kabobs with Garlic and Herb Marinade, Stuffed Thick-Cut Pork Chops, Freezer Chicken Enchiladas, All-American Beef Chili, Baked Ziti, Ultimate Seven-Layer Dip, Classic Scalloped Potatoes, Crunchy Potato Wedges, Mashed Potatoes, Anytime Dinner Rolls, Breakfast Strata with Spinach and Gruyere, Overnight Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Icebox Lemon Cheesecake, Individual Chocolate Soufflés, Red Onion Jam Stuffing with Port, Pecans, and Dried Fruit, and Pantry Barbecue Sauce

Cook’s Illustrated All-Time Best Make-Ahead Recipes Special Collector’s Edition

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