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Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution—the latest volume in our bestselling slow cooker cookbook series—is an all-new collection of 200 fresh, foolproof recipes featuring leaner cuts of meat, heaps of fresh vegetables, and hearty whole grains. The slow cooker is actually a great tool when it comes to healthier cooking: Its moist heat environment easily steams and poaches food. The big challenge is building flavor without introducing fat.

That’s where the test kitchen’s years of expertise and innovation pays off. We got creative with robust spice rubs and we braised meat in bases of wine, broth, and even whiskey with lots of aromatics. Vegetables can sit atop other ingredients for cooking, or are added late in the process. In some cases quick stints in the skillet or microwave build deep flavor in ingredients before slow cooking begins.

Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution features a wide variety of boldly flavored main dishes, soups, warm salads, stews, pasta, casseroles, appetizers, sides, and desserts. For Blade Steaks with Root Vegetables we use lean but beefy blade steaks cooked until meltingly tender; hearty vegetables stay fresh and sweet tasting wrapped in a cheesecloth bundle on top. Our Turkish-Style Eggplant Casserole relies on traditional Turkish spices and an herb-yogurt sauce for added richness. An appealing array of easy desserts such as Apple-Oat Crisp and Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding finish off the collection.

Over 100 recipes are tagged “Easy Prep” meaning they take less than 15 minutes to get into your slow cooker and 90+ are vegetarian. Nutritionals accompany every recipe with low-sodium options, and shopping and prep tips will help you choose the right ingredients and learn the best techniques.

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