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  1. The Complete Diabetes Cookbook
    Dan's Holiday Pick

    The Complete Diabetes Cookbook

    Cover Price: $32.99

    Sale Price: $22.99

    Take control with more than 400 healthy and inspired diabetes-friendly recipes. Without compromising flavor, we’ve tailored these recipes to fit within the often-daunting nutritional parameters of a carbohydrate-conscious diet, paying special attention to fat, sodium, and calories. This collection of recipes will show you that you don’t have to give up the foods you love and will encourage you to branch out and try new ingredients as well as learn some innovative techniques and strategies. Learn More
  2. Air Fryer Perfection
    On Backorder. Ships by Jan 3rd.

    Air Fryer Perfection

    Cover Price: $24.99

    Sale Price: $19.99

    Air fryers promise hands-off ease, but getting the best results involves slightly more than simply turning on your machine and walking away. In Air Fryer Perfection we show you the best food to cook in an air fryer and share test kitchen secrets that ensure even cooking; coax better browning; create the crispiest, crunchiest coatings; and guarantee juicy steaks. You’ll also learn how to make complete meals in an air fryer’s compact space, how to clean your air fryer, and which models impressed our tastings and testings team. Learn More
  3. The New Essentials Cookbook

    The New Essentials Cookbook

    Cover Price: $40.00

    Sale Price: $32.99

    Cooking well is about more than just knife skills and finding a favorite lasagna recipe. It’s about knowing when to reach for a nonstick skillet and when not to, why you “reverse sear” thick chops, and what umami really is. Learn More
  4. Cook It In Your Dutch Oven
    Elle's Holiday Pick

    Cook It In Your Dutch Oven

    Cover Price: $29.99

    Sale Price: $17.99

    Many home cooks own a Dutch oven, but often these prized pots get relegated to the back of the cabinet, to be pulled out only for making stews. Learn how you can put your Dutch oven to work every day in so many different ways. Learn More
  5. The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2019

    The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2019

    Cover Price: $35.00

    Sale Price: $19.95

    A carefully curated collection of our best recipes of the year, selected from hundreds of recipes developed for Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines and for our cookbooks The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook, The Complete Slow Cooker, Nutritious Delicious, How to Roast Everything, Just Add Sauce, The Perfect Cake, and Multicooker Perfection. Each recipe is preceded by an essay by the test cook who developed it as well as our trademark “Why This Recipe Works” summary. Learn More
  6. How to Braise Everything
    Jack's Holiday Pick

    How to Braise Everything

    Cover Price: $35.00

    Sale Price: $16.99

    This is a modern master class on the art of braising, with 225 foolproof recipes that unlock deep flavors in meat, poultry, seafood, and even vegetables. An introductory section covers everything: parsing protein cuts, distinguishing wet braises from dry braises (cooking "en cocotte"), preparing your ingredients for success, our favorite Dutch ovens—a braising essential—and other tools. Learn More
  7. The Menu Cookbook
    Lisa's Holiday Pick

    The Menu Cookbook

    Cover Price: $40.00

    Sale Price: $28.00

    The America's Test Kitchen Menu Cookbook features 250+ recipes that take the guesswork out of dinner parties. These are practical menus composed of recipes that cooks want to make at home. Learn More
  8. Sous Vide for Everybody

    Sous Vide for Everybody

    Cover Price: $26.99

    Sale Price: $19.99

    Sous Vide for Everybody The Easy, Foolproof Cooking Technique That’s Sweeping the World Learn More
  9. The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Season 11 Cookbook

    The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Season 11 Cookbook

    Cover Price: $32.95

    Sale Price: $14.99

    The Complete Cook’s Country TV Show Cookbook Season 11 Every Recipe and Every Review from All Eleven Seasons Learn More
  10. All-Time Best Brunch

    All-Time Best Brunch

    Cover Price: $22.99

    Sale Price: $15.99

    All-Time Best Brunch is part of a special six-set series of focused recipe collections showcasing the best of the best. Each hardcover book is filled with foolproof recipes handpicked from a quarter-century of Cook's Illustrated magazine as well as expert testing information, tips from the test kitchen, and beautiful full-color photography. Alone or as a set, they make a great gift. Learn More

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41-50 of 126

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