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Eat, drink, science and be merry!

Bring re-engineered fundamentals into your home with two groundbreaking volumes that apply America's Test Kitchen's core recipe development principles and scientific learnings to food and drink.

How to Cocktail

The first-ever cocktail book from America’s most-trusted test kitchen. The recipes are organized by technique (stirring, shaking, muddling, blending, and more), with plenty of recipe-step photos to light your way. For those who love a great DIY project, we offer up superior versions of vermouths, liqueurs, bitters, flavored syrups, and garnishes. Best of all, we’ve solved practical challenges such as how to make a wide array of cocktails without buying lots of obscure bottles and specialty equipment.

The Science of Good Cooking

This cookbook represents a radical approach to mastering the fundamentals of cooking. Fifty unique experiments from the test kitchen bring science to life, and more than 400 landmark Cook's Illustrated recipes (such as Old-Fashioned Burgers, Classic Mashed Potatoes, and Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies) illustrate each of the basic principles at work. These experiments range from simple to playful to innovative, including showing you why you should fold (versus stir) batter for chewy brownies, why you whip egg whites with sugar, and why the simple addition of salt can make meat juicy.


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