Wusthof Serrated Paring Knife

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Sliced, not smushed.

Even the best straight-edged paring knives come up short when prepping soft fruits and vegetables. If you’ve ever smushed a ripe tomato when you wanted to slice it, you know what we mean. And peeling and sectioning citrus is made infinitely easier by a nimble, well-made serrated blade. Serrations bite into food and then carve a neat, controlled path by using a gentle sawing motion. Our winning serrated paring knife won us over with its pleasant heft and superior smush-free slicing ability.

Wüsthof Classic 3.5-Inch Fully Serrated Paring Knife



Reviewed in May 2015

It cuts through food “like absolute butter,” said testers. It had slightly more heft than its competitors and razor-sharp serrations that glided through tomatoes, around orange peels, and between citrus segments with ease.


Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade Details:
Full tang, triple riveted to the handle
Handle Material:
Highly-durable polyoxymethylene (POM)
Item Number:
Item Weight:
.25 pounds

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How We Tested Serrated Paring Knives

We purchased five serrated paring knives, including the serrated versions of our favorite straight-edged paring knives, and used them to segment citrus and slice delicate cherry tomatoes. Our testers had varying hand sizes, grip strengths, and kitchen abilities. Two knives utterly failed. Their thick, dull blades struggled to slice through orange peels. Ineffective and unsafe, they went through the flesh off-kilter and required multiple passes to get through tomatoes.

Three other knives impressed us with razor-sharp serrations on thin blades that allowed the testers to race through tasks neatly and safely. Only one knife earned our highest rating with its pleasant heft and superior slicing ability.

Winning Traits

Thin blade with sharp serrations
Sliced ripe tomatoes cleanly and citrus easily 
Nice hefty handle
Good balance between the blade end and the handle end
Felt natural in our hands