Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Cutting Board + Teakhaus Square Marine Board with Juice Canal

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A good wood or bamboo cutting board can serve you well for years to come.

A good knife is nothing without an equally good cutting board on which to use it. While some cooks like lighter-weight boards, others see the ultimate cutting board as a thick, solid, unbudgeable model made of wood or bamboo. Compared to a lightweight plastic or composite board, this kind of board is an investment; you'll have to spend more money, perform regular maintenance, and use more muscle to lift and maneuver it for cleaning. But for that money and effort, you get a board that is a much greater pleasure to cut on and can potentially last a lifetime.

Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Cutting Board


Our old favorite wins again: Its smooth, medium-hard, reversible teak surface provided plenty of room to work, was a pleasure to cut on, and required the least maintenance. It was light enough to lift comfortably (especially since it had finger grips on the sides) but heavy enough to be stable for most tasks, though a few users noted that it wobbled occasionally. It picked up some knife scars but was otherwise highly durable, resisting cracking, warping, and staining, thanks to naturally oily resins that helped condition the board. And it's a stunner: Sleek, elegant, and richly colored, it was, as one tester noted, “less like a Toyota and more like a Corvette.” One caveat: Because teak contains microscopic bits of silica, it can wear down blades faster than other types of wood. But in our opinion, this fact doesn't detract from this board's stellar performance.

We maintain strict objectivity in all testing.*
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Teakhaus Square Marine Board with Juice Canal


Made of teak, this bar board is naturally slightly oily, so it required less maintenance than the other wood or bamboo boards we tested, and it stained somewhat less extensively. It was big enough to accommodate all the foods we cut on it though still highly portable. And it’s reversible, with a juice groove on one side that helped contain messes when we cut a lemon into wedges. It was the heaviest bar board we tested, so it stayed put on the counter pretty well, though rubbery grips would have provided some extra security. Finally, it’s quite handsome, making a beautiful small platter for serving cheese or charcuterie.

We maintain strict objectivity in all testing.*
KEY: GOOD ★★★   FAIR ★★   POOR ★

Teakhaus Proteak Cutting Board

Grain Type: Edge-grain
Material: Teak (Janka hardness value: 989 lbf)
Dimensions: 18 × 24 × 1.5 in
Average Amount of Oil Needed for Maintenance: 3.3 g
Item Number: ATKPTB16
Item Weight: 15 pounds

Teakhaus Square Marine Board 
Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 0.75 in
Item Weight: 0.88 pounds

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How We Tested Heavy-Duty Cutting Boards

We tested seven wood and bamboo cutting boards, priced from about $85.00 to just under $240.00. Three were end-grain cutting boards and four were edge-grain; wood types varied. All the boards measured at least 15 inches wide by 20 inches long, the minimum size for all-purpose use. We minced parsley, chopped onions, sliced loaves of bread, pounded chicken cutlets, and cleaved pounds of bone-in chicken parts on them. We chopped chipotle chile in adobo sauce on them, washed them, and then checked for stains and odors. We also washed each board by hand more than 100 times, maintaining the boards with mineral oil as needed. In addition to conducting rounds of user testing in the kitchen, we sent copies of the boards home with staffers for some real-life testing in their kitchens. Models were evaluated on their durability, stability, ease of use, and maintenance.

Winning Traits

  • Large surface area
  • Medium height
  • Heavy enough to be stable but still light enough to be lifted comfortably
  • Handle indentations to help with lifting
  • Pleasant to cut on
  • Resists cracking, warping, and staining
  • Requires relatively little maintenance

America’s Test Kitchen does not accept advertising and conducts equipment tests without the knowledge of product manufacturers. Exclusive equipment offers are sourced only after the test results have been published in our magazines and on our websites.

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