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How many times have you wanted to make lasagna or chicken pot pie in advance, only to be discouraged by recipe after recipe that doesn’t tell you how? Should you make it, then store it, or vice versa? The experts here at America’s Test Kitchen have eliminated the guesswork of cooking in advance with 500 recipes that spell out all the make-ahead options. And with everything from family-friendly one-dish suppers to company-worthy appetizers, roasts, and desserts, you’ll never again be stuck playing short order cook in your own kitchen.

We’ve calculated active time and start-to-finish time for every recipe in the book. The intro section includes tips and tricks for refrigerator and freezer storage, the ultimate guide to storage containers, and test kitchen discoveries that ensure you’re guaranteed the best tasting results.

Featured Recipes Include: Chicken and Wild Mushroom Penne Bake, Easier Chili Con Carne, Roast Salted Turkey, Slow-Cooker Classic Mashed Potatoes, 24-Hour Omelet, Roasted Poblano and Black Bean Enchiladas, Apple Turnovers, and Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake.

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