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    - 1000+ kitchen hacks
    - 22 recipe hacks
    - 368 pages, softcover
    - 1000+ hand-drawn illustrations
    - 22 full-page color recipe photos

    Get 1,000+ ingenious kitchen hacks from 20+ years of Cook’s Illustrated magazine.

    Kitchen Hacks

    About the book

    These quick tips for food prep, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, transporting food, and last-minute substitutions will help you do it all with what you already have on hand. Hand-drawn illustrations accompany the hacks show you exactly how to succeed. Kitchen Hacks also includes 22 of our favorite weird and wonderful test kitchen recipe discoveries. These “recipe hacks” include the easiest (and best) method for cooking bacon, how-to make the perfect steak straight from the freezer, and a seriously magical way to whip up amazing vanilla ice cream without an ice cream machine.

    Vanilla Extract
    Instant-Aged Balsamic Vinegar
    Avocado Cover
    Homemade-Chocolate Magic-Shell Ice Cream Topping
    Eggless Mayonnaise
    Citrus-Infused Vodkas

    Some of our favorite hacks use hair dryers, miniature marshmallows, toothpicks, beach towels, paper-towel tubes, rubber bands, and binder clips. Others just use smarts and are simply the products of a good imagination and quick thinking.This handy guide belongs in your kitchen (and it makes a great gift!).

    Hacks you'll find in the book:

    • Removing coffee stains
    • Perfect PB&J
    • Easy-Open Wine
    • Spreading cold butter
    • Quick-measure oil
    • Portion control
    • Unloading simplified
    • Berry dryer
    • Mason jar milk steamer
    • Eggless mayo
    • Vanilla Extract
    • Citrus-infused vodka
    • Hands-free thermometer
    • Oven-fired bacon
    Coffee Mug Molten Chocolate Cake
    Dairy-Free Whipped Cream
    Perfect Steak Straight from the Freezer
    Oven-Fried Bacon
    Making Infused Vodka

    In the Press

    With hundreds of tips that range from practical to downright wacky, it’s a fun read.

    San Diego Union-Tribune

    In short: it's a helpful, practical guide for how to use your kitchen better.