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    - 120+ Recipes
    - 304 pages, softcover
    - Full-color photos throughout

    An American classic and a longtime favorite of the test cooks and equipment testers at America’s Test Kitchen, the cast-iron skillet is the one pan that does it all. This durable supertool is the original green pan—a naturally nonstick, completely chemical-free way to cook that appeals to traditionalists and newcomers alike.

    Cook It In Cast Iron

    About the book

    Many home cooks are intimidated by the care, cleaning, and use of cast iron. Leave it to the trusted experts at America’s Test Kitchen to present a cast iron cookbook that makes this pan accessible to everyone. The new techniques and recipes in Cook It in Cast Iron are the results of months of testing designed to learn all there is to know about cast iron and develop foolproof, flavorful recipes created specifically for the strengths of the skillet.

    Cowboy Steaks
    Fried Eggs
    Pepperoni Pizza Dip
    Sausage Lasgna
    Thick-Cut Steaks with Herb Butter
    Warm Marinated Artichoke Hearts

    Cook It in Cast Iron features perfected versions of cast iron classics like steak, fried eggs, and cornbread as well as dozens of surprising recipes you probably never thought about making in a skillet, such as cakes and cookies, pizzas, and loaves of bread. Recipes that you may think you can only make if you have a slow cooker, a pizza stone, a grill, or a griddle can actually be made with one magical multitasker: a cast-iron skillet. In addition, cast iron’s great heat retention makes it a natural fit for hot, melty dips like fondue and solves the problem of soggy crusts on pies and quiches.

    Recipes you'll find in the book:

    • Huevos Rancheros
    • Cinnamon Swirl Bread
    • Cherry Cobbler
    • Mexican Layer Dip
    • Weeknight Beef Chili
    • Beer and Cheddar Fondue
    • Loaded Beef Nachos
    • Cowboy Steaks
    • Chicken Chilaquiles
    • Marinated London Broil
    • Apple Pie
    • Sausage Lasagna
    • Pan-Seared Scallops
    • Chicken Pot Pie
    • Cast-Iron Skillet Calzone
    Beer and Cheddar Fondue
    Huevos Rancheros
    Cinnamon Buns
    Spicy Garlic Shrimp
    Mexican Dip

    In the Press

    From thick-cut steaks to skillet chocolate chip cookies, this manual from the masters at America’s Test Kitchen will help you make the most of that hefty cast-iron pan.

    Read It and Eat, Entertainment Weekly

    For those who harbor doubts about cooking highly acidic foods or abusing cast iron, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen apply their rigorous experiments to determine the facts about these pans. Recipes appeal to a broad range of American cooks, with meat and vegetables, savories and sweets. Old-time American dishes, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese foods appear. Even bread proves better when baked in hot cast iron, and the multipurpose wonder produces respectable deep-dish pizza as well. Another winning cookbook from ATK.

    Cookbook Review, Booklist