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    100 Recipes
    368 pages, hardcover
    All-new full-color photos

    If you could only have 100 recipes at your disposal, what would they be? In 100 Recipes: The Absolute Best Ways to Make the True Essentials, the editors at America’s Test Kitchen present what they consider to be the recipes everyone should know how to make.

    100 Recipes

    Brimming with attitude and innovation, this thoughtful cookbook is organized into three sections: The Absolute Essentials, The Surprising Essentials, and The Global Essentials. The editors considered three factors—utility, inventiveness, and diversity—when whittling down the choices. An essay introduces and positions each dish, explaining why it matters, the challenges in making it, and how our test kitchen arrived at a bulletproof recipe.

    In this age of information overload, recipes are a particularly notable example of excess. AllRecipes.com, the largest recipe website in the United States, has more than 50,000 recipes in its search engine. An inquiry for mashed potatoes yields 1,001 results. And these numbers keep increasing!
    A good recipe list can cut through all this clutter. You don’t need a thousand brownie recipes, you just need one great one. And if you dedicate yourself to mastering a short list of recipes, you can dramatically improve your cooking skills and your confidence.

    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes

    The simplicity of a list is awfully appealing. Knowing the 10 best books of the year does make it easier to navigate the bookstore. And if you’re lucky enough to find just one new book that you love, then the list has served you well.
    Among all the lists that people make, we think recipe lists are especially valuable. When coupled with reliable recipes, a thoughtful list will actually make you a better cook. (Of course, this assumes you do more than read the list.)

    Recipes you'll find in the book:

    From everyday basics like tomato sauce, pork roast, and brownies to innovative classics like slow-roasted beef, poached chicken, and cheese soufflé to inspiring global dishes like Thai basil chicken, pho, and Spanish beef stew, cooks at all skill levels will find accessible recipes in this collection. The recipe details include a timeline, which indicates how to combine steps for efficiency. Readers will also find helpful tips throughout highlighting specific techniques, such as better ways to make chicken stock, shape bread dough, and mince garlic.

    • Roast Chicken
    • Tomato Sauce
    • Fried Fish
    • Cornbread
    • Blueberry Pie
    • Poached Salmon
    • Cauliflower Soup
    • Polenta
    • Banana Bread
    • Beef Burgundy
    • Fried Rice
    • Tandoori Chicken
    • Rice and Beans
    • Pho
    • Italian Almond Cake
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes
    100 Recipes

    In the Press

    America’s Test Kitchen’s Bishop lists cooking essentials

    America’s Test Kitchen’s latest book, “100 Recipes: The Absolute Best Ways to Make the True Essentials,” came out in October. With thousands of recipes to choose from, I asked Bishop if there were any recipes, like favorite children, that he lamented leaving out of this new tome.
    “No,” he said without hesitation. That’s because he not only had final say about this collection of lists, but Bishop personally chose each and every recipe himself. Talk about editorial control.

    -The Tennessean, December 29, 2015

    100 Recipes

    Orange-Cardamom Latin Flan

    Yesterday, [my mother] and I gathered in the kitchen again to make a flan, almost exactly two decades and much more kitchen experience since our first-ever attempt. With our candy thermometer out, our ramekins at the ready, and America’s Test Kitchen’s new 100 Recipes: The Absolute Best Ways to Make the True Essentials book flopped open on the counter, we began. And after exactly one hour, we popped the thermometer into one of the ramekins that lay in a towel-lined water bath and promptly removed them from the oven when it registered an exact 180 degrees F. There was no guesswork, no clueless mother-daughter flan improvisations. The warm-spiced orange and cardamom custard wiggled, jiggled and was just the right kind of sweet and silky smooth.
    In just that one recipe, this book has already proved its worth. I’ve now redeemed myself from my original fourth grade flan semi-failure. But there are so many more recipes to pull from, to learn from.

    -Chocolate + Marrow, December 15, 2015