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    America's Test Kitchen


    America's Test Kitchen is a real 2,500 square foot test kitchen located just outside of Boston that is home to more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers. Our mission is simple: to develop the absolute best recipes and to provide equipment reviews that you can trust. To do this, we test each recipe multiple times and put equipment through a rigorous (and sometimes 3 month long) process. We do this until we arrive at the most-foolproof recipe and equipment reviews that even the harshest critic can trust.

    Our recipes, equipment reviews, ingredient taste tests results, and kitchen tips are made available through our magazines, our websites, our television series; America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen, and our cookbooks.

    The Kitchen

    How We Test


    It’s not uncommon, as you walk through our offices, to pass the main test kitchen and find eight slow cookers, each hooked up to a separate thermometer, each of which is connected to a computer so we can gauge how evenly they maintain a temperature over time. Walk out the back door and you might see someone dropping one portable grill after another onto the pavement from a specified height to see how well they will stand up to abuse.

    There are strict written protocols for selecting the items to be tested, for running the tests themselves, and for evaluating them. And if there is ever a question, our team will go back and run the tests again, just to be sure.

    But even when that rigorous (and sometimes seemingly endless) process is over, their work is really just beginning. Because it’s not enough to say which piece of equipment came out on top—we need to know why. They keep digging and analyzing, consulting experts all over the world and sending samples to labs for analysis, until they find the keys to the particular puzzle. Once they find it, we can appreciate even more clearly how solid a foundation our testings rest on.


    This all holds true even for the smallest tools, like the spaghetti server and pizza cutter included in our Pasta and Pizza Kits. You may see only a few sentences on the page, but the testing process has been just as disciplined, extensive, and intensive, because this group has never heard of cutting corners.

    The result of all this obsessiveness? You can truly trust the products we have carefully curated and selected for your cooking pleasure—though we don’t recommend tossing any of them onto the pavement.