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Own one size and your kitchen is nicely equipped. Own both sizes and you’re ready for anything—be ready.

Rimmed baking sheets, also called half- and quarter-sheet pans, are true kitchen workhorses. You can use them for obvious tasks such as baking and roasting, or for spreading out cooked rice or pasta to cool before making salads—and much more. Invert the baking sheet and you have a workable pizza peel or baking stone; set a wire rack inside it and promote air circulation for crisping and preventing sogginess as you roast. Adding a well-made lid expands the sheet’s usefulness exponentially—you can cover food for convenient (and stackable) storage and safe transport, or prevent little hands from grabbing warm cookies. Snapping on a well-fitting lid also reduces your reliance on plastic wrap and aluminum foil. These baking sheets were already great. The lids topped them off.

Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet, Set of 2



Everything prepared in this sturdy, warp-resistant sheet cooked appropriately and evenly. Best of all, our new favorite is a few bucks cheaper than our old winner.

Material: Aluminum
Cooking Surface:
16 1/2 x 11 1/2 in

Nordic Ware Half Sheet Cover, Set of 2



The plastic lid snapped on and off our winning rimmed baking sheet quickly, and we liked that it cut back on our use of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. In all our tests, it kept both frozen and refrigerated foods as fresh as disposable wraps did. The lid bowed slightly when we stacked heavy items on it but not enough to touch food on the sheet, and it didn't crack or warp. Our one criticism: The lid latches onto the sheet in two places, along the short edges. This was sufficient, but the lid would have felt much more secure if it attached on all four sides.

Material: BPA-free Plastic Cover

Nordic Ware Naturals Quarter Sheet, Set of 2



This extremely sturdy, warp-resistant baking sheet turned out evenly cooked and browned chicken, cauliflower, and focaccia. Its lightweight, compact size made it easy to maneuver into and out of the oven. Its size is ideal for preparing recipes that serve two and for kitchen tasks that require only a small amount of space, such as toasting a handful of nuts or a few tablespoons of sesame seeds.

Material: Natural aluminum with encapsulated galvanized steel rim
Cooking Surface:
8⅛ x 11½ in

Nordic Ware Storage Lid for Quarter Sheet, Set of 2



Like its larger counterpart which fits our favorite rimmed baking sheet, this small rimmed baking sheet lid snapped on and off quickly and was easier to use than plastic wrap or aluminum foil. The lid kept sliced eggplant looking fresh in the refrigerator and sliced strawberries and bananas free of freezer damage. However, we wished the lid latched onto the baking sheet on all four sides, instead of two, as this felt less secure. The lid was also fairly durable. It bowed a bit when we stacked 10 pounds of food items on top of it, but not nearly enough to damage the lid. It snapped back into shape a couple hours later.

Material: BPA-free Plastic Cover


Half Sheet Set: Includes 2 Rimmed Half Sheets and 2 Half Sheet Lids

Quarter Sheet Set: Includes 2 Rimmed Quarter Sheets and 2 Quarter Sheet Lids

Care Instructions: Lids are dishwasher safe. Sheets are not recommended for dishwasher use

Item Number: ATKNWSETS

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How We Tested Rimmed Baking Sheets

We tested eight rimmed baking sheets, all measuring roughly 18 by 13 inches from rim to rim, using each to bake a jelly roll cake and lemon sugar cookies, roast parsnips, and roast and broil chicken thighs. We evaluated how evenly the food cooked and how cleanly it released from the sheets. We also rated the sheets’ handling, strength, and resistance to warping and measured the dimensions of their cooking surfaces.

We tested the quarter-size version of our top-rated rimmed baking sheet, using it to broil chicken thighs, roast cauliflower, and bake focaccia. We rated how evenly cooked and browned the three foods were and also noted how easy the sheet was to handle.

How We Tested Baking Sheet Lids

We tested the lid for our favorite rimmed baking sheet from Nordic Ware. Testers used the lid to cover food left overnight in the refrigerator and for a week in the freezer, comparing it to baking sheets covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. We also used the lid to cover pizza dough as it proofed on a baking sheet in the refrigerator. To test the lid’s durability, we weighed it down with heavy items, deliberately stained it, and ran it through the dishwasher 10 times.

We tested the smaller version of our favorite rimmed baking sheet lid from Nordic Ware, evaluating how securely it fit onto our favorite small rimmed baking sheet, also from Nordic Ware, and how easy it was to take off. We used it to cover a sheet of sliced eggplant that we refrigerated for 24 hours along with two sheets of eggplant covered with either plastic wrap or aluminum foil. We also used the lid to protect sliced strawberries and bananas that we stored in the freezer for two days along with two sheets of strawberries and bananas covered with either plastic or foil. We then compared all the food samples, checking for discolored eggplant and freezer-damaged fruit. To test durability, we weighed down the lid with 10 pounds of food items, checking its condition while weighted and afterward. We also slathered it with a mix of foods, washed it by hand 10 times, and ran it through the dishwasher twice, checking it for stains or lingering scents.

Winning Traits of our Baking Sheets

Tall, straight sides with defined corners
The half-sheet pan is roughly 16½ by 11½ inches and fits a wire rack snugly
The quarter-sheet pan is roughly 8⅛ by 11½ inches and is great for small tasks
Resists scratching and warping and returns to a flat state after use

Winning Traits of our Lids

Keeps refrigerated and frozen food as fresh as plastic wrap or aluminum foil would
Easy to attach to and remove from rimmed baking sheets
Sturdy enough to support 10 pounds of weight without bending, cracking, or touching the food stored underneath it
Easy to clean