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23 Best-Ever Recipes, Assembled for the First Time

Cook’s editors pick the magazine’s greatest hits, year by year, for this first-ever special digital issue*.  Accompanying every must-have recipe is “Why This Recipe Works” information, as well as beautiful full-color photos.

Here’s a preview:

Best Pumpkin Pie (November/December 1993) Flaky crust, custardy filling, brandied whip cream.

Oven-Fried Bacon (January/February 1998) This recipe is a revelation, pure and simple.

Tomato and Mozzarella Tart (July/August 2003) Vine-ripened flavor on a flaky crust, hold the excess moisture.

Turtle Brownies (May/June 2006) Chewy and chocolaty, with tooth-sinking caramel and lots of pecans.

Classic Pot Roast (November/December 2010) The make-ahead option improves its already rich flavor.

Weeknight Roast Chicken (September/October 2011) No complicated trussing, no salting or brining, no rotating the bird.

Best Vegetarian Chili (November/December 2012) Deep, meaty flavor from walnuts, soy sauce, dried shiitake mushrooms, and tomatoes.

Smoky Pulled Pork on a Gas Grill (July/August 2014) Tricks for getting smoky flavor include a pan of water.

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Cook's Illustrated's Recipe of the Year 1993-2015
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