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All the Test Kitchen know-how for aspiring chefs

Stepping into the kitchen for the first time can be intimidating—but not if you have this exclusive bundle of cookbooks for new chefs!

Kitchen Hacks

More than 1,000 quick tips for food prep, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, transporting food, and last-minute substitutions will help you do it all with what you have on hand. Hand-drawn illustrations accompanying the hacks show you exactly how to succeed.

Dinner Illustrated

The book that makes getting into the kitchen after work infinitely easier by offering a modern approach to weeknight cooking. Each recipe includes a visual roadmap to preparing a simple, globally-inspired meal, and all of them are ready in one hour or less from start to finish (salad and sides included). A meal kit in book form, it’s perfect for busy people who love to cook but are short on time and inspiration.


Discover how to use spices to amp up the flavor of your food and get foolproof recipes that put these simple techniques to work. We empower home cooks to use spices every day by teaching approachable techniques in each chapter—such as blooming and toasting spices, finishing food with flair, steeping spices in condiments, and blending and infusing spices into common baking ingredients—followed by recipes that put these techniques to use.


Hardcover and Softcover
3 Book Set
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