Multicooker Perfection

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Cook It Fast or Cook It Slow—You Decide.

Multicookers such as the Instant Pot are hugely popular, yet most recipes are unreliable or are designed to work in only one model of multicooker—and most often, they use only the pressure-cook setting. America's Test Kitchen put our rigorous testing process to work developing foolproof recipes that conform to your schedule: Make a recipe “fast” using the pressure-cook setting or let dinner cook while you’re out by preparing it “slow” on the slow-cook setting.

Cook each recipe fast or slow—it’s up to you.

A bowl filled with Vietnamese Beef PhoA bowl filled with Vietnamese Beef Pho
Vietnamese Beef Pho

The multicooker was a perfect vessel for this recipe, whether we used the high heat of the pressure cooker or the low, even heat of the slow cooker.

A slice of cheesecake on a plateA slice of cheesecake on a plate

We set our sights on developing a foolproof recipe that could be pressure or slow cooked and would boast all the sweet creaminess we expect from a great cheesecake.

An overhead shot of three bowls of Rustic Italian Braised Beef Short Ribs
Rustic Italian Braised Beef Short Ribs

Whether we used the pressure or the slow setting, the long cooking time turned the ribs perfectly tender and thickened the sauce beautifully.

An overhead shot of Indian Vegetable Curry in a bowl next to some naan and riceAn overhead shot of Indian Vegetable Curry in a bowl next to some naan and rice
Indian Vegetable Curry

To cut down on the lengthy list of spices included in many curries, we turned to flavor-packed store-bought curry powder and garam masala.

Editorial Reviews

"For me, after making a host of recipes in ATK's new book, the wilds of pressure cooking didn't seem so wild anymore." 

"Multicooker Perfection” by America's Test Kitchen is far more practical, offering both a collection of good recipes and exploring the many different uses of the device."
- Chicago Tribune

"If there's room in the budget for one multicooker/Instant Pot cookbook, make it this one." 
- Booklist Reviews

"I have received more than two dozen cookbooks from publishers that are designed for Instant Pots, slow cookers and multicookers, but the one that I keep going back to again and again is America’s Test Kitchen’s “Multicooker Perfection: Cook it Fast or Cook it Slow – You Decide” cookbook. With many of the cookbook recipes, I have to experiment or do a little guesswork because the recipes are written for specific types of appliance. ATK’s cookbook, however, offers options for recipes that are adaptable no matter which device you have."
-New Orleans Times Picayune


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An overhead shot of a multicooker cooking a pasta recipeAn overhead shot of a multicooker cooking a pasta recipe

Multicookers are one of the most versatile appliances you can own

—the proof is right there in the name. But if you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons we think that every kitchen should be equipped with one:

1. You end up with fewer dishes to wash. One of the best features about a multicooker is that you can sauté, brown, and simmer right in the pot—there’s no need to dirty another pan to brown ingredients before cooking.

2. They’re foolproof. Many multicookers offer intuitive controls, and the lid locks on easily. They maintain pressure and/or heat without any monitoring required. If you follow the recipes in this book closely, you’ll get perfect results every time—no need to worry about your oven not being properly calibrated, or your stovetop burner running too hot.

3. They’re safe. Everyone has heard stories about exploding pressure cookers and meals that ended up on the kitchen ceiling instead of on the dinner plates. Not so with multicookers. These appliances have multiple safety features that allow any excess pressure to escape safely—and without creating a mess.