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The editors at Cook's Illustrated have developed a fondness for particular breakfast and brunch recipes over the years. These 110 carefully selected recipes are more than worth the expense and effort of making them. They are also unique: Instead of standing over the stove frying eight eggs for our Huevos Rancheros, we take a hands-free approach by baking the eggs directly in the ranchero sauce; for the lightest waffles without the fuss of whipping egg whites, we steal a trick from Japanese tempura and add seltzer water to the batter; we boil potatoes for our Home Fries with baking soda to break down their exteriors, allowing them to brown nicely in the oven as their interiors cook though.

You can rest assured the test kitchen has made hundreds of batches of the dishes featured here to determine which recipe will work best, and taste best, when you make it at home. You’ll also get our top picks for key supermarket ingredients and cookware that will set you up to succeed. And you can trust our calls on them all because we don’t accept advertising. Get your copy of the Best Breakfast and Brunch Dishes now.

Recipes include: Best Blueberry Pancakes, Foolproof Fried Eggs, Oven-Fried Bacon, Home-Style Eggs Benedict, French Toast Casserole, Muffin Tin Doughnuts, New Fruit Salads, and Bacon and Onion Tart, Homemade Breakfast Sausage, Ultimate Cinnamon Buns, Real Croissants at Home, New York-Style Crumb Cake, Denver Omelet, Baked Cheese Grits, Apple Fitters, Bloody Marys, and many more.

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