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We learned everything there is to know about grilling over months of research, equipment testing and recipe development for our bestselling cookbook, Master of the Grill. Our exclusive grilling essentials kit includes the test kitchen’s best grilling recipes and top rated equipment to help you master your grilling game in no time.

Weber Original Stainless Steel Spatula

Winner - Recommended
Published in Cook's Illustrated Magazine June 2014Testers of all sizes loved this spatulas slim, rounded, offset handle, remarking on the agility, sense of control, and confidence that it inspired. Particularly when the grill is really packed, this is your spatula. Its relatively small head was also able to lift and move large swordfish steaks, but we noticed a bit of flex where the steaks weren’t completely supported.

OXO Good Grips 16-Inch Locking Tongs

Winner - Highly Recommended
Published in Cook's Illustrated Magazine June 2010 Comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy, these passed every test with top marks. The pincers picked up multiple spears of asparagus in one swoop, cupped corn firmly, and did not damage tender rib meat. One tester said, "I could perform heart surgery with these."
LENGTH 17½" WEIGHT 8oz MATERIAL Stainless steel, rubber handles DISHWASHER SAFE? Yes

Steven Raichlen Ultimate Suede Grilling Gloves

Winner - Highly Recommended
Published in Cook's Illustrated Magazine July 2012The pliant leather gave us great control when manipulating tongs and grabbing hot grill grates. Long, wide cuffs protected our forearms and let air circulate to keep us cooler over a scorching hot grill. Our only gripe? They’re not machine-washable.
MACHINE WASHABLE? No DIMENSIONS 8.8" x 1.2" x 17.8" WEIGHT 1.8lbs HEAT SAFE Up to 475°F (246°C)

America's Test Kitchen Master of the Grill

Are pre cut steak tips worth buying? Why make divots in burgers? What’s the best supermarket barbecue sauce? (And when is it worth splurging for the high-end one?) Are all grill tongs created equal? America’s most trusted test kitchen fires up the grill to answer those questions and many more in the inventive new book Master of the Grill.
With recipes and techniques arranged by skill level—from The Basics to The Easy Upgrades to The Serious Projects—cooks of all stripes can dive in and choose their outdoor cooking adventure.

Grilling Tips & Tricks

Temperature Ranges

When following our recipes, these are the temperature ranges to use for grilling over high, medium, or low heat.

For optimum performance, we preheat gas grills on high heat with the lid down for 15 minutes. Once preheated, the burners should be adjusted to the desired intensity. The ambient temperature inside a grill set on high should be about 500 degrees, for medium between 300 and 400, and for low 250 to 300. Most gas grills come with a temperature display, but over the years we’ve found them inconsistent and unreliable. For a quick, simple, and surprisingly effective way to gauge the temperature, we rely on the “hand test.” Place your hand 5 inches above the preheated grill grate. If you can comfortably leave it there for two seconds, the fire is hot (high), five to six seconds for medium, and eight seconds for low. This low-tech method works for charcoal grills, too.

Best Steaks for Grilling

  1. Strip SteakGood flavor with lots of marbling.
  2. Rib-Eye SteakVery flavorful with lots of marbling and a smooth, fine texture.
  3. Filet MignonMild flavor (too mild for some), meltingly tender, surprisingly lean.
  4. T-BoneStrip and tenderloin in one, fatty (in a good way) flavor and texture.
  5. PorterhouseStrip and tenderloin in one, but tenderloin is larger than the T-bone steak.
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