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Transform how kids think about their favorite foods.

Ever wondered how ketchup is made? How do you bake the most awesome (fish-shaped!) cheese crackers? Can you really make homemade butter in 10 minutes? The third title in this bestselling series of complete cookbooks for the emerging chef goes back to basics to show kids how to make many of today's store-bought staples from scratch. Easy recipes ranging from pancake mix to homemade Sriracha sauce will make kids kitchen heroes, one DIY project at a time.

Fun recipes teach cooking basics:

Creative yet attainable recipes will empower kids to rock the kitchen—and have fun doing it. Recipes explain the hows and whys of cooking and offer suggestions for ways that kids can experiment and truly make recipes their own.

Relatable science:

How does cream become butter? What exactly is an emulsion (and why should you care)? Why does American cheese melt so well? Kids will learn how a little science translates into great food.  

Wide range of recipes:

Recipes range from trendy (make your own sprinkles and bagel chips) and classic (ice cream sandwiches and granola) to dead simple (peanut butter and pickle chips) and giftable (chocolate bark, anyone?).


208 Pages
Full-Color Photos Throughout
Item Number CK10

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