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Let your equipment do the heavy lifting.

Don’t let your most valuable pieces of kitchen equipment collect dust—put them to work with this must-have guidebook collection.

Cook It In Cast Iron

A cast-iron skillet is an incredibly versatile, durable, and completely chemical-free cooking tool. This humble pan produces an enviable crust on steaks, chops, chicken, fish, bread, and more. Discover 120+ foolproof recipes in Cook It In Cast Iron, along with innovative test kitchen techniques plus full color recipe and step-by-step photos that show you exactly how to succeed.

Cook It In Your Dutch Oven

Many home cooks own a Dutch oven, but often these prized pots get relegated to the back of the cabinet, only pulled out for making stews. Cook It In Your Dutch Oven will teach you how to put your Dutch oven to work every day in a variety of applications. Make it your go-to pot for weeknight meals, impressive roasts and braises, artisanal bread baking, and tackling deep-frying.

Food Processor Perfection

Let Food Processor Perfection help you unleash the power of the all-in-one multitasker tucked away in the back of your cabinet. Your food processor can do the work of a whole set of knives, a meat grinder, a food mill, a box grater, a mandolin, a stand mixer, and a blender—and do it faster—with just the touch of a button.


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