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A top-notch workhorse that's sleek and beautiful.

Everyone needs a sturdy lasagna dish that’s not too heavy and can withstand the broiler. A Pyrex rectangular baking dish is usually a great option, but Pyrex warns that its dishes are not broiler-safe (they can crack or shatter—we learned this the hard way). As you can see from all these photos, we like this HIC dish and we’ve liked it for a long time. How many recipes have we baked in it? We stopped counting. We predict that you’ll reach for it All. The. Time.

HIC Porcelain Lasagna Baking Dish

Winner - Highly Recommended
Reviewed in Cook’s Country October 2010

This porcelain baking dish has large handles for secure gripping and straight sides for easy serving. It’s deep enough for our Chantilly Potatoes, but not so large that the butter burned as we broiled scrod. Finally, it was not too heavy, even when filled with potatoes.

Size: 3 Quarts     Weight: 4.35 Lbs     Material: Porcelain    Dimensions: 15.6" x 9.7" x 3.2"
Safe for Microwave, Oven, Broiler (up to 500°), and Freezer.     Dishwasher Safe

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How we tested broiler-safe baking dishes

We gathered seven rectangular broiler-safe baking dishes priced between $37 and $125. Two were enameled cast-iron dishes and five were ceramic dishes, including two of made of porcelain, which is lighter, harder, and less porous than many other ceramics. To determine whether these dishes could withstand both prolonged exposure to high heat and thermal shock, we prepared Boston Baked Scrod, a dish that cooks entirely under the broiler, and Chantilly Potatoes, a dish we finish under the broiler.

Weighty Matters

The enameled cast-iron dishes were a challenge to maneuver, weighing 6.7 pounds and 10.5 pounds empty. When filled with several more pounds of hot Chantilly Potatoes, risk of disaster loomed. Ordinary ceramic dishes were a little better, weighing between 4.25 and 5.1 pounds. Lightweight porcelain dishes, averaging 3.8 pounds, were easy to carry even when full.

Size and Shape

Oversized, shallow dishes offered so much surface area that potatoes spread too thinly and too much liquid evaporated from the scrod. Smaller, deeper dishes left plenty of juices in the scrod, but tapering sides on one reduced its capacity, causing it to nearly overflow with Chantilly Potatoes. Dishes with flared or scalloped edges were difficult to get into with a spatula for serving.

Love Handles

The single most important design element was the length and width of the handles. All but one of the dishes we tested had handles, though several were too small to grasp securely while wearing oven mitts. It hardly needs saying that a safe, secure grip is essential when you’re carrying a red-hot baking dish.

The HIC Porcelain Lasagna Baking Dish's winning traits:

Made of lightweight porcelain (4.35 pounds) so it’s easy to lift even when full of potatoes

Roughly the same dimensions and capacity as a rectangular Pyrex dish so recipes translate well

Large handles offer a secure grip even when wearing oven mitts

Straight sides make for neat, clean serving

Beat out competitors that cost up to three times as much

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