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Showstopping, Celebration-Worthy Cakes

This special issue is packed with recipes for imaginative cakes, from three-layer cakes such as Chocolate Turtle Cake to our multilayered Confetti Layer Cake and Apricot-Almond Meringue Cake to ice cream cakes, including S'mores Ice Cream Cake. Impress your guests with our whimsical Pumpkin Patch Cake or Raspberry-White Chocolate Bombe. Or whip up a cake based on a favorite cocktail such as Mint Julep Cake or Pina Colada Cake. No matter the occasion, in this issue you find a cake that's just right.

A few more featured cakes:

Lemon Lover's Cake - Although this cake looks elegant and dainty, there's nothing delicate about its bold citrus flavor, which packs a punch in the cake, frosting, lemon curd topping, and candied lemon garnish. You can used jarred lemon curd in this recipe (we share our favorite brand).

Red Velvet Cheesecake - This crowd-pleaser of a cake combined two beloved classic desserts. Melted white chocolate and gelatin gave structure to the cheesecake filling, and we crumbled part of two red velvet cake rounds to decorate the sides of the elegant cake. Our buttercream frosting was quick and easy to prepare, and mixed with a bit of cream cheese it unites the layers perfectly.

Bananas Foster Cake - We filled layers of yellow cake with bananas cooked in a rum-laced caramel. The fluffy frosting got a generous dose of rum as well, and we topped the cake with banana slices and more of the caramel sauce, which we enriched with butter for extra decadence.

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