Five-Ingredient Dinners

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Clever New Recipes for Flavor-Packed Meals

Shake up your routine with new, absolutely foolproof, and amazingly efficient recipes for flavor-packed meals. Every recipe will satisfy your desire to eat well, keep things fresh and interesting, and keep life simple. Our test cooks developed each of these recipes in their home kitchens and share the tips and tricks they discovered that stretch each ingredient to its fullest potential. With Five-Ingredient Dinners, cooking full meals—from Chili-Crisp Steak with Rice Noodles to Lemon-Poached Halibut Packets with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes—is easily achievable with minimal shopping, prep, and cleanup.

"If you want to get cooking, cut down on takeout, and deliver a ton of flavor, you can't lose with these recipes."

— The Providence Journal

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123 Recipes


280 Pages

Quick & Easy


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Our test cooks worked to ensure that each recipe (all 100+ of them!) was a complete and crave-worthy dinner, not just a light bite that would leave you wanting more.

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Our test cooks operated in a no-judgment zone (aside from judging how scrumptious the recipes turned out), so you’ll find that many recipes are built around canned and jarred “flavor-bomb” ingredients.