Wüsthof Gourmet 6.5" Slotted Fish Spatula

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The name says “fish,” but it flips everything

Do you put up with a turner-style spatula that doesn’t particularly help you— and may even get in the way of your doing a better job when flipping or transporting food? Whether they’re too long or too rigid, whether they have an awkwardly shaped head, a too-thick front edge that can’t slide easily under food, or a handle angle that forces your arm up or your elbow out, most of these flyswatter look-alikes tend to damage food. They can tear the whites and break the yolks of fried eggs, crumple warm cookies instead of lifting them neatly off the baking sheet, or drop your neat square of lasagna into a messy heap as you’re ferrying it to a plate.

Because spatulas are fairly cheap, most people own a drawer full of assorted styles and brands. But wouldn’t it be better (and free up priceless space in your utensil drawer or jar) to own the perfect spatula that feels natural and makes cooking easier? It would, and this is that spatula.

Wüsthof Gourmet 6.5" Slotted Fish Spatula


Our former winner continues its reign: Its perfectly proportioned head supported foods of all shapes and sizes and maneuvered nimbly even in tight spaces. And because it's also moderately thin and flexible, it excelled at getting under food. The head's pronounced curve provided extra leverage for prying up food and kept our hands higher above hot pans. All users found its handle easy to hold, though some wished the otherwise comfortable plastic were grippier.

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Overhead photo of Wusthof's Gourmet Metal SpatulaOverhead photo of Wusthof's Gourmet Metal Spatula

Handle Length: 4.75 in
Head Thickness: 0.9 mm
Handle Material: Polyoxymethylene (high-density plastic)
Head Surface Area: 12.1 sq in
Average Head Dimensions: 2.2 x 5.5 in
Item Number: ATKWFS
Item Weight: .4 pounds

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How We Tested Metal Spatulas

It had been a while since our last review, and we wanted to know if our old favorite, the Wüsthof Gourmet 7" Slotted Fish Spatula, still held up to the competition. We bought 10 models priced from $4.53 to $65.00, including our previous winner, and put them through their paces, using them to flip and remove eggs, pancakes, burgers, fried fish, and home fries from a variety of cooking vessels and to transfer sugar cookies from a baking sheet to a wire rack. Five models were conventional spatulas, featuring sturdy square or rectangular heads, some slotted and some solid. The other five, including our former winner, were fish spatulas. Often found in restaurant kitchens, these spatulas feature long, tapered, slotted heads; as their name implies, they were traditionally used to lift and support slender fish fillets.

Winning Traits

  • Razor-thin front edge
  • Slight curvature to keep food from slipping
  • Slots to help ease friction
  • Medium-length handle (about 6 inches)
  • Flexible, rectangular head


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