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This limited edition of Cook’s Illustrated gathers all of the recipes published in the magazine this year—106 in all—into one convenient issue. Every recipe is accompanied by its background story, a record of the months of extensive trial and error behind its development. This is what sets Cook’s Illustrated apart from other cooking magazines: We focus on every detail of how and why recipes work, and then we share what we’ve learned with you so you can become a better, more confident cook.

In 2016 we discovered new and better ways to cook your favorite foods, like Strawberry Shortcake (our version, an elegant sponge cake filled with macerated berries and crème fraiche-enhanced whipped cream, is all dressed up); grilled pizza (we found just the right way to arrange the charcoal to avoid burnt bottom crusts); beef stir-fry (we wanted ultratender beef like you might find in high-end Chinese restaurants).

Additional recipes include: Perfect Cast Iron Steak, Pan-Seared Salmon, Chicken Mole Poblano, Skillet-Roasted Chicken in Lemon sauce, Easier Roast Turkey and Gravy, Persian-Style Rice with Golden Crust (Chelow), Cheese and Tomato Lasagna, Shredded Chicken Tacos (Tinga de Pollo), Classic Chewy Oatmeal Cookies, and Apple Strudel.

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