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Kitchen-tested recipes for the one pan that does it all.

A cast-iron skillet is an incredibly versatile, durable, and completely chemical-free way to cook. This humble pan produces an enviable crust on steaks, chops, chicken, fish, bread, and more. And the more you know about it—how to choose the best one, how to clean and season it (it’s easy!), and the surprising number of recipes that lend themselves to being cooked in it—the more you’ll appreciate this essential multitasking powerhouse. Discover 120+ foolproof recipes along with innovative test kitchen techniques plus full-color recipes and step-by-step photos that show you exactly how to succeed.

120 Recipes Specifically Developed for Your Cast Iron Pan

Steaks with Herb Butter being sliced on a cutting boardSteaks with Herb Butter being sliced on a cutting board
Thick-Cut Steaks with Herb Butter

A new technique ensures that the entire surface of the skillet is ripping hot, and flipping the steaks every 2 minutes both shortens cooking time and results in a perfectly pink interior and a seared, flavorful crust every time.

Pepperoni Pizza Dip in a cast iron panPepperoni Pizza Dip in a cast iron pan
Pepperoni Pizza Dip

This easy, cheesy appetizer takes pepperoni pizza to another level with crusty mini garlic rolls, crisped pepperoni, and smooth, creamy dip that stays molten and hot long after it emerges from the oven.

A cast iron skillet filled with Sausage LasagnaA cast iron skillet filled with Sausage Lasagna
Sausage Lasagna

Thirty minutes in the oven produces flavorful lasagna minus all the fussiness of most recipes and proves once and for all that acidic foods like tomatoes can play well with cast iron.

An overhead shot of a Chocolate Chip Skillet CookieAn overhead shot of a Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

We cut back on the butter and chocolate chips so that the cookie stayed crisp on the edges and baked through in the middle while remaining perfectly chewy.


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Chicken being fried in a cast iron skilletChicken being fried in a cast iron skillet

The Original Kitchen Workhorse

In any cluttered kitchen (the test kitchen included), there are some pots and pans that gather dust and others that rarely get put away. After many years of careful testing, we’ve identified the truly hardworking tools, the must-have utensils that we reach for time and again. Some are pretty obvious—a chef’s knife, a cutting board, a pasta pot—but one that might come as a surprise is a cast-iron skillet. And this unassuming, sturdy pan doesn’t just stand out on the well-stocked shelves of the test kitchen; cast iron also has a special place in our home kitchens, where we don’t have room for cabinets full of specialized gear. A cast-iron skillet is an incredibly versatile, durable, and completely chemical-free way to cook. This consummate multitasking powerhouse is essential to have on hand when the right recipe comes along—and you might not realize just how many recipes are perfect in cast iron.

Most people already know that cast iron is just the thing for searing or blackening food quickly over high heat; when we’re after a really dark, even crust on steaks or chops, there’s nothing better. But a cast-iron skillet is not just for the stovetop; it’s also equally at home in the oven for perfect roasts and baked goods. In addition, cast iron’s great heat retention makes it a natural fit for hot, melty dips like fondue and solves the problem of soggy crusts on pies and quiches. Other surprising uses of this adaptable pan include baking perfect loaves of bread and making stick-free eggs and stir-fries, just to name a few. The cast-iron skillet is the one pan that does it all. This supertool is definitely a star in the test kitchen and our home kitchens, and with the recipes and techniques in this book, we’re convinced it will become the star of yours, too.