The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs

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70+ Teen-Tested and Teen-Approved Recipes to Cook, Eat, and Share

Inspired by our highly successful New York Times bestselling series for young chefs, America’s Test Kitchen is bringing our rigorous testing, kitchen knowhow, and hands-on learning to TEENS in the kitchen. Start with fundamental kitchen techniques and move on to over 70 teen-tested, teen-approved recipes that range from simple breakfasts to family dinners to show-stopping desserts.

Teens who are ready to level up their kitchen game can learn how to make the perfect egg and cheese breakfast sandwich before school and fluffy sticky buns on the weekend. Impress classmates with healthy grain bowls and amped up ramen for lunch—and family with hand-pulled noodles and sliders and french fries for dinner.

Whether looking to make Tik Tok-worthy marshmallows or simply learn the basic cooking techniques to get started in the kitchen, The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs has something for everyone. By empowering teens to enter the kitchen and make their own choices, America’s Test Kitchen is creating a new generation of confident cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters.

Some of what you'll find inside:

Acai Smoothie Bowls

Acai­ berries ­taste­ kind of like blueberries and are about the size ­of­ grapes.­ We use frozen­ acai puree in this recipe to blend into a vivid purple smoothie bowl ­base that’s made thick with the help of a food ­processor.­ Think­ of ­it ­as ­a­ blank ­canvas ­for ­making­ your ­colorful ­toppings­ pop.

Pizza Pockets

This recipe’s sturdy pastry contains the filling—but won’t get soggy. The butter helps the dough bake up tender but crispy, and the egg wash helps with browning. When you reheat your pockets in the microwave, the crust stays crisp!

Crispy Tofu Bowls

One ­of ­the ­best ­parts ­of­ this ­bowl­ is ­the­ super crispy ­tofu.­ That­ texture ­is ­all ­thanks­ to ­the ­tofu’s­ cornstarch­ coating.­ When ­cornstarch­ comes ­in­ contact­ with ­moist ­tofu,­ the­ starch absorbs some of the tofu’s water. When ­the tofu gets ­hot­ enough, ­the ­water ­evaporates ­as­ steam, leaving behind a ­rigid,­crackly­ network­ of­ starch ­molecules­ that’s­ perfectly crispy.

Steak Tacos with Charred Corn Salsa

To­ bring­ the­ charred­ flavor­ of­ grilled ­steak ­tacos­ indoors­ we ­turned to our trusty 12-inch skillet to do triple duty in our recipe. ­First, ­we­ use it to sear the steaks. While the steaks rest, we use the skillet to cook sliced onion and poblano chile. Finally,­ we ­crank­ up ­the ­heat­ for stage three: making­ a ­charred­ corn­ salsa.

Hung Kao Mun Gati (Thai Coconut Rice)

Rich, creamy coconut milk transforms ordinary steamed rice into something special: hung kao mun gati. Top your rice with chopped toasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, fried shallots, and/or pickled chiles.

Skillet Brownie Cookie

Making one giant cookie might actually be easier than making a whole bunch of regular-size cookies. There’s no scooping or rolling dough, and melting the butter right in the skillet has the added benefit of also greasing the pan, preventing our cookie from sticking as it bakes. Cut your Skillet Brownie Cookie into slices and serve with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.


Recipes: 70+
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Testers loved this machine, which had a slimmer, more compact footprint and shorter stature than other models and therefore took up less room on our counters. Its cooking basket was roomy enough for 1 pound of food and had a completely nonstick coating. We also liked that the bottom of the basket could be removed for even deeper cleaning, if needed. Its digital controls and dial-operated menu made setting the time and temperature easy and intuitive. It stopped cooking as soon as the set time was up, and its drawer-like design allowed us to remove food without exposing our hands to the heating element.

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