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Kitchen - Tested Menus For Foolproof Dinner Parties From America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen!

The America's Test Kitchen Menu Cookbook replaces guesswork with recipes that work. These are practical menus (we know, since we prepared each menu in its entirety to make absolutely sure that each and every one is practical and appealing) composed of the sorts of recipes that real cooks want to make at home.

Unlike other cookbooks that are simply recipe compilations, The America's Test Kitchen Menu Cookbook offers easy-to-follow strategies for successfully creating more than 50 complete menu ideas. We've cooked through every menu from start to finish keeping things manageable and spelling out when and how to make dishes in advance.

In all you'll have more than 250 recipes from which to choose. Each seasonal chapter includes ten complete menu ideas (plus a bonus chapter focused exclusively on holiday entertaining).

At the heart of the book are, of course, the menus, more than 50 kitchen-tested groups of recipes with all the logistic nightmares solved. We explain what can be done the day before including brining, salting, marinating and baking. We provide the total preparation time for each recipe and explain which recipes can be cooked together. We also make sure that there is a minimum amount of last - minute preparation and cooking, the death knell of most badly organized dinner parties.

  • Our Family - Style Italian Sunday Supper features a One-Pot Bolognese that tastes as rich as versions that simmer all day. Our secret? We boost the meaty flavor with dried porcini mushrooms and pancetta - and to keep things easy, we cook the pasta right in the sauce giving the pasta extra flavor too.

  • For our homey New England Cod and Potato Dinner, we shingle thinly sliced potatoes attractively across a rimmed baking sheet, give them a head start in the oven to ensure they emerge browned and crispy, then top them with cod fillets rubbed with a flavorful herbed butter and slices of lemon; as the fish bakes, its juices flavor the crisp potatoes for an easy but elegant supper.

  • Entertaining isn't always about a sit-down dinner - a well-orchestrated cocktail and Tapas Party is a good way to host a gathering. From Sangria, Sizzling Garlic Shrimp, and Spanish Tortilla with Garlic Mayonnaise to Cocktail Meatballs in Tomato-Saffron Sauce, our tapas menu offers an array of hot and cold dishes, many of which you can make the day before so you can enjoy the party, too. Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies (dipped in chocolate) make an irresistible dessert.

  • With our easy-to-make recipe (for four pizzas), any home cook can host New York - Style Pizza Party without a roaring hot brick oven or expert pizza-tossing skills. Our secret: A cold proof and a revised oven rack set up. And it takes just 20 minutes to make the dough the day before your party. Worried about the logistics and the toppings for four pizzas? So were we until we discovered a few make-ahead tricks that keep things easy. Add a bright Citrus Salad with Bitter Greens and Homemade Pistachio Cannoli and your friends will be talking about your party for weeks.

    With The America's Test Kitchen Menu Cookbook, you can plan your next party with confidence. The 51 menus and 250 recipes in this collection have been thoroughly vetted, with all the chilling, brining, marinating, and make-ahead instructions spelled out so you won't find yourself on the day of the party suddenly realizing that the roast, stew, dessert, or sauce that you're about to make should have been made the day before. So go ahead and send the invitations - we've already done all the planning.

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