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"Our DIY Cookbook is full of projects that range from make-and-eat-today, such as maple cream, Mexican chorizo, and my killer recipes for chutney and kimchi, to make-and-it’s-so-worth-the-wait pancetta, cocktail bitters, and Test Kitchen IPA." —Jack Bishop

Everything is more satisfying when you do it yourself, so why stop at dinner? Our editors, test cooks, and staffers share their favorite from-scratch projects in The America's Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook, walking you through every recipe so you can easily create store-bought staples and gourmet favorites at home. From Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Easy Strawberry Refrigerator Jam and Potato Chips to Garlic Dill Pickles, Root Beer and Salted Caramels you'll find more than 100 of our favorite kitchen-tested recipes brought to life. Each and every one is approachable, foolproof, and fun.

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