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The Cook's Illustrated 1996 Annual contains all six issues of Cook's Illustrated from 1996, bound into a permanent, durable reference volume.

Over 216 pages provide you with...

  • More than 200 guaranteed-perfect recipes, including Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fruit Cobblers, and Chicken Pot Pie Reinvented
  • Over 350 step-by-step illustrations walking you through techniques including Basic Knife Techniques, Easy Decorative Pie Edgings, and Simple Chocolate Decorations
  • Equipment testings including Rating and Using Pressure Cookers, Rating Standing Mixers, and Rating Kitchen Timers
  • Food tastings including supermarket bacon, extra-virgin olive oils, and steaks
  • In addition, the 1996 Annual contains every quick tip, book review and wine tasting from 1996, as well as a master index that lets you turn to the issue, page, article and information you need in seconds.

    This edition puts all of Cook's Illustrated from 1996 at your fingertips, in one durable, handsome reference volume.

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